September 18, 2006

Prince has decision to make on Norwood

Kansas State head coach Ron Prince on Monday said he would wait a day before he would issue an announcement regarding the availability of his leading pass catcher for Saturday's game against No. 8 Louisville. Junior tight end Rashaad Norwood was arrested early Sunday morning in a campus parking lot for obstruction of the legal process and disorderly conduct, two misdemeanors. Prince also discussed the Wildcats' necessity to improve during the Big 12 teleconference.

Back in your days at Dodge City, if Tim McCarty would have told you that the week of your 37th birthday you were going to go against a Top 10 non-conference team and have a chance to give Kansas State it's first-ever win against a Top 10 non-conference team, what would you say to that?

Oh, my goodness. You're talking about some hypotheticals there now. That's a long time ago and I don't think I would have been equipped at that time to even handle that question. It's a great opportunity for us if we take advantage of it. If we go out and fail to take advantage of it I don't think it's that good of an opportunity. If we go out and play well, which is our expectation, then we feel we have a really good chance to win. That's what we try to do each week and surmise what's the best way to do that and I think this is a significant team on the landscape of college football. I think it shows that with a tremendous commitment from administration and commitment on the part of coaching and every other way you can build a program. In the long term, I think we'll find out this coach is probably one of the best in the game.

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