September 6, 2006

Pasha weighs in on season opener

Greetings Sooner fans, It is none other than your adopted son from the west coast Pasha Jackson taking some time out to talk some football with you, and let you know what's happening in my neck of the woods.

This past winter I was allocated by the Oakland Raiders to play ball overseas in the NFL's European league. I ended up playing in the free-spirited city of Amsterdam, whose excellent season earned them a trip to the World Bowl -NFL Europe's Super Bowl-.

Much to my disappointment, I would tear my peck weeks before the big game and find myself on an operating table in Birmingham, Ala. actually; I was right down the street from UAB. While in Birmingham I rehabbed under the supervision of nationally recognized doctors of Sports Medicine Lawrence J. Lemak and James R. Andrews - medical gods to the sports world.

Nowadays, when I'm not in Birmingham I'm back in Oakland Calif., staying in shape and getting my peck back to normal. Due to my injury, what I lost in training camp reps I gained in valuable time - sessions that I could now spend writing about my favorite thing in the world besides reruns of Murder She Wrote…Football!

Now let's visit this 24-17 win over UAB. My reaction to the semi-convincing victory might shock some, however, it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. The season opener left me excited and very optimistic for the remainder of the season. At first glance four turnovers, poor tackling, and pitiful red zone performance might spell disaster. Yet, to a seasoned eye the 2006 Sooners did enough things right to hint future success.

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