September 4, 2006

Recruits react after UNC game

The impressive victory over North Carolina on national television obviously overjoyed the Rutgers fan base, but how about the recruits in the Class of 2007? tried to answer that question by talking to a handful of recruits to find out what their thoughts were about the victory over the Tar Heels. Find out what players, such as Joe Martinek and Randy Martinez, thought about the performance.

Randy Martinez
"It was a very interesting game and I wasn't sure who I wanted to win, but I was glued to the television. It was a close game and for awhile I thought that UNC was going to win, but RU pulled it out and got the win and started their season off very well, which will help them in the long run."

"Ray Rice was outstanding. He had like 203 yards and basically carried RU to a victory. I also thought that the defense of RU was a little suspect at times, but they made the big plays when it mattered, like the interception in the fourth quarter. I think that they will make a big push for the Big East title."

Harry Flaherty
"It was a great game. They really pounded them on the ground, which impressed me. I think it's a good win because it shows they49001 can really dominate good teams physically."

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