September 4, 2006

Fans should appreciate win

Ever since Arizona fans began analyzing the Wildcats' 2006 schedule, it was common opinion that the most important game the UA would play was the first, the home opener against BYU.

If Arizona were to lose that game and then the next - at #8 LSU - the team would likely be 1-2 heading into a matchup with USC, a school which hasn't lost a Pac-10 game in nearly three years.

Basically, a loss to BYU and a 1-3 start to the season is entirely possible, which wouldn't do much for the young Wildcats' confidence. Instead, Arizona defeated BYU and, at the very worst, after two games, the UA will likely be 2-2. With an upset of either LSU or USC, the team is 3-1 and possibly ranked nationally.

The significance of Arizona's 16-13 over BYU can't easily be written, yet somehow the talk of too many Wildcats fans on Saturday evening and Sunday was how they were disappointed with the team's performance.

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