August 26, 2006

Best in Camp

Three weeks and too many practices to count. has been at every workout the Tigers have held since early August. One week from Murray State, we present our best of fall camp 2006.

Offensive MVP

As good as William Franklin was, you just can't go against Chase Daniel. The man with the ball in his hands on every snap is always the most important offensive player, but Daniel doesn't win this simply by the position he plays. The sophomore from Southlake was flat out phenomenal for most of the fall, completing 37-of-52 passes with three touchdowns in the Tigers' three scrimmages. He's not going to make you forget Brad Smith altogether, but he might help you move past Smith's absence pretty quickly.

Defensive MVP

On an every down basis, nobody was better than Brian Smith. They don't really track sacks in the fall, but if they did, Smith would have a bundle. He was in the backfield consistently and was also pouncing on numerous fumbles throughout camp. Once he has the ball in his hands, no offensive lineman is going to keep him out of the end zone. Smith is the best player on this defense, hands down.

Best Offensive Newcomer

If he turns sideways, you have trouble seeing him, but it was impossible not to notice Jared Perry. The 160-pounder (right after a big meal) just made play after play after play, taking the decision of whether to redshirt him completely out of the coaches' hands. In fact, Perry was so good, I made the argument during the last scrimmage that he shouldn't just play against Murray State, he should start.

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