August 18, 2006

The Bruins getting tough

The Bruins "grinded" out practice yesterday as Coach Karl Dorrell will explain. Though the team is tired, bruised and a little bit tattered they still came out and competed yesterday. If this particular camp proves anything then it is depth at every position is very important.

It creates intense competition across the board and you end up getting effort and the persistence to push through soreness and mental fatigue to places in your mind that you never felt you had.

So far this camp has been superb. The following is Coach Dorrell and his usual after practice chat with the media.

"You grind the camp," Dorrell said. "You keep working through it. We are getting tired with knowing that we had a good practice yesterday morning and a very fast hard work out Wednesday night and to come back this morning with the same type of enthusiasm and effort in terms of the body it was hard for them to get it done today.

"I knew that would happen just because we worked late last night and you wake up and you have to come back and do it again.

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