August 17, 2006

Offense enjoys best showing of fall

Quarterback Kyle Wright called today's practice "our best day. I was throwing the ball all over the place to everybody. We looked really sharp, made checks against blitzes and converted on it.

"I didn't get sacked or even come close to it one time today. (The offensive line) is getting an identity. I saw something in the paper about how nasty FSU's O-line is. Whatever. They can do whatever they want to try and convince themselves. (Our) guys have really made big strides. All their hard work is really going to pay off. Some people have labeled them the weak part of the offense, and they're playing with a chip on their shoulder."

Wright says he hooked up with freshman receiver Sam Shields for their first touchdown.

That TD wasn't today, though.

"(It was) a couple of days ago in the corner of the end zone," Wright said. "It's not like he's getting as much one-on-one matchup from the defense outside, and they're changing their defense up and he's going against the No. 1 corner. He's still doing a great job, picks up on a lot of things. You tell him what you're looking for and where you want him to be, and next time he'll be there. I've gone over that several times with him."

Wright says Shields is the receiver he's most pleased with this fall.

"Just because I didn't expect that from him," Wright said. "Darnell (Jenkins) has looked really good, but didn't play as well as he wanted in the scrimmage we had. Lance (Leggett) has looked good. Greg (Olsen) is always going to be solid. All those guys have done things to be optimistic about."

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