August 16, 2006

Silence broken

Who starts at quarterback? That's the question that everyone in the nation is asking about the Texas Longhorns football team right now. Although there's no official answer to the question, the early returns point toward redshirt freshman Colt McCoy. In his first interview with the media on Thursday morning, McCoy talked about the quarterback battle that's taking place in camp.

Q: How have things gone through the first ten days of camp?

A: Things have been great. The team's coming along really well and each day we're getting better and better. We're real excited.

Q: How has the competition at quarterback been both positive and negative thus far?

A: The competition is great. We're both competing hard and this team is really meshing together. The defense is playing great. The offense is putting together. The offensive line is doing a great job and the receivers are catching the ball. The coaches are coaching us great.

Q: Can you talk about what you did over the summer to improve yourself as a player? The coaches have said that you came back from the summer with bigger arms than they remembered.

A: Oh, come on. I've always had guns. No, we worked hard at seven-on-seven and we worked hard up here with Coach (Jeff) Madden. Coach Madden has been getting us ready. We're ready to go. We're fired up. We just have to keep working hard and get better every day.

Q: How much weight have you put on since the spring?

A: Since the spring I've put on about 10 or 15 pounds. I'm right where I want to be right now. Like I said, this team is really coming together. We're going to be good if we keep working hard and getting better every day.

Q: Do you feel like you are ahead in the quarterback race?

A: You know what? That's up to the coaches. It is a competition. We're out there getting better every day. What's best for this team is what is going to happen.

Q: What strides in your game do you think you've made the most since the spring?

A: I've really meshed with my teammates. The receivers (and I) worked out at seven-on-seven. Seven-on-seven was great. It helped us get our timing down. Everybody showed up on a consistent basis and it worked out great.

Q: How many times per day do you thin you get asked about the competition at quarterback?

A: I get asked about it a lot. You know what? That's up to the coaches. This team is going to do what it takes to win and I really believe that.

Q: How are you and Jevan getting along? Is it at all tough when you consider that you guys are fighting for the same job?

A: Ah, we're fine. We're fine.

Q: Have you had a chance to talk with Vince Young about what's been going on? He's reportedly been saying some very nice things about you in Tennessee.

A: Yeah, I do talk to Vince, but he's really busy right now. He's doing a great job in Tennessee, like I knew that he would, but we do stay in touch.

Q: What kinds of things does he say to you?

A: The obvious. Keep working hard. We kind of talk back and forth about what they are doing up there and what we're doing here. He knows this offense, so we kind of relate what we're both doing through this and the offense that we're in right now.

Q: The team is going to look at the quarterback position to make key plays in big games. What should people expect from you as it relates to that role?

A: This is a different team, but we have a lot of the same people. Vince was a great leader and he's moved on to Tennessee. He's doing a great job, but that's what we're doing right now. We're working on meshing together as a team. The team is looking for somebody. Yu know what? It's going great and I couldn't ask for more and the coaches are doing a great job coaching us.

Q: Does Jevan defer to you a little bit on the field because you've been here a little longer than him?

A: I don't know. I go out there and compete and work hard, and try to help him along. The coaches are doing a great job of coaching us. The teammates are doing great with the whole situation and we're just trying to be the best that we can be.

Q: Mack Brown has called you Major Applewhite with legs. Is that a fair comparison?

A: You know what? Major Applewhite is a great quarterback. I don't know what to say about Major. He's a god here. I know that when I came here, he was still here and we talked a lot. I'm not going to take anything away from Major. He's an unbelievable quarterback and maybe one day I'll win a lot of games like he did.

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