August 15, 2006

Jancek talks linebackers

Anchoring the 2006 Georgia defense is an experienced and talent crew of linebackers. The future seems even brighter with freshman Darius Dewberry, Akeem Dent, Akeem Hebron, and Darryl Gamble working under the veteran group. UGASports caught up with linebackers coach John Jancek for answers about this year's linebackers group.

UGASports: Have the depth charts solidified yet?

Jancek: "No I think they are still competing for positions. A number of different guys at different spots and we are going to keep shaking the lineup practice by practice. We are going to continue to develop depth and develop guys at different positions. As we get closer to the game, we will settle in to different areas for game planning. I keep looking back at last year, if we did not have the ability to move guys around I do not know what we would have done. You have to keep guys at one spot, but you have to cross train them in different areas."

UGASports: Are you concerned by some of these early injuries to Dannell Ellerbe and Jarvis Jackson?

Jancek: "No I think that they are minor injuries. Dannell tweaked his shoulder and Jarvis has a little something with his heal. Jarvis went inside for the first part of practice and got some reps in the weight room. Those guys will be back and ready to go."

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