August 14, 2006

Position battles rage on

It was the first practice for the Utes after Saturday's pivotal scrimmage. A new depth chart was passed out, but injuries started altering the chart before the ink was even dry. What nuggets were gleaned from Monday morning's practice? Read on…

Monday morning standouts

During individual unit workouts, coach Jay Hill was running the cornerbacks through a drill to push the receiver out of bounds, as well as a drill to cut down on missed tackles. Hill used a long touchdown given up to TCU because of a missed tackle as motivation for the young group. Most of the tackling looked good, with the exception of Mookie Murphy, who had a bit of difficulty reacting to fakes. And everyone who was matched up with "receiver" Brice McCain often found themselves grasping at a shadow. Mombroso Washington had to be excused about halfway through the drills due to mild shoulder aggravation.

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