August 5, 2006

KU needs to have new leaders step up

It is early in the preparation for the 2006 season but there are indications that new leaders are stepping up.

After practice, two players spoke to the media. I don't know what it is but both Kerry Meier and Mike Rivera have a caveman look going. Long shaggy hair and full untrimmed beards.

My first thought seeing Rivera was how some of the legends of the NFL wore beards. The first name that came to mind was Mean Joe Greene with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Seeing Mike sporting this caveman look might shake up opposing quarterbacks looking like a reincarnation of Jack Lambert or Mean Joe staring at them from across the line. Guess Meier was channeling Kenny Stabler!

Kerry Meier, from the offensive side of the team, spoke first. He talked about how they were building on the progress they made in the spring. Meier talked about the offensive line and thought that they are very athletic, can run and mentally are very smart, understanding how to play the position.

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