July 20, 2006

The Breakdown: Offensive tackles

In "The Breakdown," veteran talent scout Randy Rodgers is analyzing film of a select group of the nation's top prospects for Rivals.com. Rodgers has more than 35 years of experience in the college recruiting arena. He was the recruiting coordinator at the University of Illinois (1988-91) and the University of Texas (1992-97) and is one of the leading authorities on high school football talent analysis in the country. In this edition, Rodgers takes a look at offensive tackles.

color=#FFFFFF>Offensive tackles
Josh Oglesby, 6-7, 315 - Milwaukee Saint Francis

Big time player. Has tremendous size and length. Long arms, Excellent punch. Really gets his knees bent and hips engaged for such a tall player. Maintains and finishes blocks. Shows good footwork on reach blocks, can seal the DE, and can get to second level. No opportunity to evaluate pass protection skills on this highlight tape, but he certainly is athletic enough to be a solid pass protector.
Ryan Miller, 6-6, 278, 5.47 - Littleton (Colo.) Columbine


Excellent player. Excellent athlete for big man. Can pull and seal, can get second level blocks, gets downfield. Runs very well. Has excellent takeoff, uses hands very well, and finishes blocks. No opportunity to evaluate as a pass protector, but certainly athletic enough. Could play either tackle or guard.
Anthony Davis, 6-5, 341, 5.2 - Piscataway (N.J.)


Physical player at Point of Attack. Needs to improve takeoff and pad level, but overcomes that with superior initial punch. Has good feet, able to punch and recoil on pass protection. Likely to project to guard at the college level. Weight would be a concern.
Lee Ziemba, 6-7, 295, 5.17 - Rogers (Ark.)


Tall and lean, benches only 315, but that is pretty good for such a long-armed young player. Needs to widen blocking base. Good hustler, gets downfield, works to finish blocks. Shows decent feet in pass protection. Should get nothing but better as he gains strength and bulk. Would guess he has a chance to be a better college player than high school prospect.
Quintin Richardson, 6-4, 265, 5.0 - Columbia (S.C.) Spring Valley


Really athletic. Does a lot of pulling. Good blocker on the move. Maintains and finishes blocks. Has good feet. Needs to continue developing initial punch and field strength. Could be a great prospect as an Offensive Center because of his movement and athleticism.
Bryan Bulaga, 6-5, 278, 4.78 - Woodstock (Ill.) Marian Central Catholic


Any time an offensive line prospect wears an eligible number, college coaches perk up. He plays TE, but runs exceptionally well (see his catch and run on his highlight tape). Excellent position blocker, has long arms and because of his TE experience, he is more than ready to play a split side tackle. Can pull, has long arms, should be an excellent pass protector. Could easily be a second TE in short yardage/goal line situations.
Trinton Sturdivant, 6-4, 280, 5.1 - Wadesboro (N.C.) Anson


Small school player who dominates on the field, but plays against many smaller players. Passes the small school test in that he does dominate. Plays hard, has a good takeoff. Shows he can pull, trap, and downfield block. I see him as a guard at the college level.
Nick Claytor, 6-6, 312, 5.6 - Gainesville (Ga.)


Wide body, does a nice job of engaging, but didn't have many knockdowns on tape. Benches only 305, needs to improve initial punch and accelerate feet sooner on initial contact. No ability to evaluate pass protection skills. Probable projection to guard.
Matt Romine, 6-6, 275, 5.2 - Tulsa (Okla.) Union

Another big time prospect. From one of the top programs in Oklahoma, well coached fundamentally. Athletic, knows how to use high arm technique on outside zone blocks. Good pass protector. Very athletic and productive. Hard to think he will be able to leave the state of Oklahoma.
Antwane Greenlee, 6-6, 302, 5.1 - Columbus (Ga.) Hardaway


Another eligible number guy. Plays TE. Most of alignments are tight splits, so he has a lot of angle blocks on tape. Able to get knockdowns, does a very good job of finishing. Really surprised me with his athleticism as a pass receiver. Projects as a strong side tackle.

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