July 18, 2006

Wesley finding his niche

Finding out-of-state talent for a rebuilding program like Mississippi State is hard to come by, considering the state that it intends to pick from. Over the last couple of years Coach Croom and his staff have raided the inner city Georgia area for prospects. Quinton Wesley along with some other Atlanta prospects decided to join each other in Coach Croom's quest to rebuild the Bulldogs to prominence.

When trying to attract out of state talent, most prospects point to certain factors as reasons to deciding the school of their choice.

"Coach Croom was one of the reasons I chose Mississippi State. When he was recruiting me he was straight forward with me and told me that we are going to turn this program around with players like myself, and some of the other recruits that he was going to bring in. He's had an impact on my life and stood by me when I needed him. I can't say enough about him," explained Wesley.

The Bulldog defense is led by a bunch of seniors. The depth on the Bulldogs defense is led by young talent starting with Wesley.

"I want to make an impact any way I can. I know the older guys will get a lot of reps, and when Coach Haley calls on me I'll be ready. I know with my weight going up, I might be called on to play inside a little, but I'm willing to play where ever. We have a lot of senior leadership on the defense as a whole. We have leaders along the line, at linebacker, and in the defensive back field. That will help us, because each individual group will be able to handle their problem internally," he commented.

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