July 13, 2006

Peach Jam Spotlight: Tyreke Evans

To fully understand Tyreke Evans, you have to see the route he took to where he is at now.

For starters, Evans is the fifth of five boys. That is where the toughness comes from. Try being the youngest of a basketball family. You tend to pick up a few good habits here and there.

His brothers aren't the older brother that never played and wants to relive his subpar athletic life through kid brother. No, his brothers have played college ball. In their spare time, they work with the class of 2008 prospect in the gym and against the toughest competition in the Philly area.

Older brothers Eric, who played at Chaney University, and Reggie, who is an assistant coach on Evans's Team Final squad, have put Tyreke through basketball boot camp. The early days on the hardwood and blacktops are paying off.

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