June 7, 2006

Braswell is versatile and maturing (Part 1)

June 8, 2006 - Six-foot-eight, 230-pound rising junior Chris Braswell's life has been eventful over the last year. After his transfer from public school power Suitland High to nationally recognized DeMatha Catholic after his freshman season, Braswell then competed in multiple age groups with the Triple Threat AAU organization. He even was able to play with Master P's P-Ballers in certain competitions, befriending media personages along the way.

When classes started at DeMatha last year, Chris immediately had to acclimate himself to that school's academic course load and expectations, while also blending in with a team stocked with a number of Division I caliber players. To say Braswell has met those challenges is an understatement.

The first thing that is noticeable when talking to the young man, is his increased level of maturity and confidence. That's not to say he was immature last year, it's meant to convey how much he has grown. His mother, Lesa Braswell, agrees with that assessment, saying "He's matured a whole lot", which manifests itself in part by his ability to "take criticism, good, bad, or indifferent".

DeMatha's skilled coach, Mike Jones, agreed the young man has matured, though he thought Chris displayed a sense of focus early on at the Hyattsville, Mary., school. "One of the things that struck me with Chris is the way he acclimated to his surroundings" said Jones. "He never fought it (the school's demands), he still hasn't fought it. He's really taken to everything".

Ms. Braswell agreed, revealing Chris "really likes it up there", which includes enjoying the study of Religion (his favorite subject), while his overall course load forces him to do "a lot of studying". At the recent Triple Threat Shootout, the young guy indicated "I'm doing great in my classes", and was at that time "trying to finish up with a 3.0" GPA."

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