May 30, 2006

Landon Walker Press Conference Transcript

East Wilkes coach Montey Chipman's Opening Statement...

"It's an honor to be here and to be Landon's coach. It's a big decision a kid has to make. He put a lot of work and effort in. I'm glad for everybody to be here to help support his decision. It's something big for the school and East Wilkes. It really means a lot in the fourth year I've been here. Football is real big in the community and this just helps out things to know to you have a player on the football team that is being recognized nationally and is going to play football in Division 1. I'm very proud of him. I appreciate everything the community and school has done for us."

Landon Walker...

First off, it's a great opportunity to be up here. Not a lot of people can experience this. I'm honored by it. I definitely want to thank all of my coaches. Coach Chipman. Coach Hilton. Coach Barrier. Coach Hayes. I want to give a shout out to my manager Red. Without Red I wouldn't be able to handle this stuff. He keeps it straight with that. And Walter Henry who helps out with the program. And anybody else that I didn't mention that helps out - the chain gang, I want to thank everybody. I have decided to commit to Clemson. It came down to Clemson and NC State. Me, my coaches and my family decided that Clemson is the best fit for me. It's the best program for me. It's the best place that I fit in."

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