May 20, 2006

Davis' Dilemma

West Monroe, La., defensive end Luther Davis has dreamed of wearing a Cardinal and Gold uniform for the past few years, but now that his dreams are in reach, reality is in a head-to-head battle with uncertainty.

Pete Carroll is known for being a diehard basketball fan, but the proverbial ball is no longer in his court.

Davis' list of scholarship offers is impressive by any standards, but before this week, there was one letter missing from his collection of university mail. That all changed when Davis got an ambiguous message as he walked into class.

"My coach told me to call USC, but I didn't know what for," said Davis. "Then about two minutes into class, I got a text message from Brennan Carroll. He said he loved my highlight tape and that he wanted to talk to me.

"Then right after that, Ken Norton sent me a text message. When I called him, he said that he had to stop my highlight tape mid-way though because he had to make some popcorn so he could enjoy the show."

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