October 30, 2013

MSU Offense Getting Better Each Week Under Koenning

The MSU offense has come a long way over the years and might be something that Bulldog fans take lightly considering past years. Through the first seven games this year, the Bulldogs are averaging 30 points and 456 yards per game. A lot of that comes from the play makers that have been recruited to play football for Dan Mullen and his offensive coordinator Les Koenning. Two of those players are quarterback Dak Prescott and Jameon Lewis who have had a total of three occasions where one has passed, rushed and thrown for a touchdown. Lewis threw his second touchdown of the season to Prescott against Kentucky. Koenning admits he gets a bit nervous when the trick plays are called out.

"Any time that happens. You're kind of rolling the dice when you call it," Koenning said of the throwback pass from Lewis to Prescott. "There was great execution on that play by Jameon and Dak and when Dak caught the ball there was one guy still there and he made him miss and he got into the endzone. It was a nice deal. They really executed the play."

Lewis isn't the primary passer and ditto for Prescott at receiver but both can get the job done with their versatility. Prescott's versatility is starting to become even more potent with the addition of an improved passing game making him more of a threat. Koenning has seen a huge difference in his first year and his sophomore year.

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