October 23, 2013

Prescott Gearing up for Second Half of the Season

Dak Prescott is well aware of the parody inside the best conference in the country every year. However, it might be as prevalent as ever in 2013 with the SEC East a complete mess and the SEC West still the best division in football. He and his teammates were not absent from the country this past weekend as the bye weekend was home to plenty of games watched by this crew. It might have been a good one to be at home and not on the field, to be honest. Not according to the sophomore quarterback though.

"I was kind of sad that we didn't get to play," Prescott said with a grin. "It's crazy but it's the SEC. Anybody can win any given Saturday. It's a lot of good teams and you see what could happen. You go out there and play you're a game. You never know what comes up at the end you just have to go hard and hope for the best."

Prescott had the opportunity this past week to reflect on the first six games with his team but they aren't dwelling on the 3-3 start. There were some games they would love to have back and some plays that he would personally want to have back but he felt that he had a strong showing in the first half. For the rest of the schedule, he wants to clean up some shortcomings and make himself and his team a stronger contender.

"It was a good chance to go back in evaluate and fix things that I haven't been so good at and see where I was at in the beginning of the season," Prescott said as he reflected the first half of the schedule. "I think I've stayed calm throughout the game and kept my composure. There's a lot of things I can do better."

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