September 24, 2013

Bobo preaching patience

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Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo has no doubt sixth-ranked LSU will be coming to Sanford Stadium looking to stop the run.

After all, that's been the forte for John Chavis-coached defenses for years, long before he joined the Tigers and head coach Les Miles.

With that in mind, Bobo said he's been preaching patience in regards to Georgia's run game Saturday afternoon because the Tigers typically don't make it easy for other teams on the ground.

"This week, we better be happy with a four-yard run," Bobo said after practice Tuesday. "I think sometimes when we're not getting 15, 20, 30 yards a run we get upset, but you've got to be happy with a four-yard run to make it 2nd-and-6, because getting two or three and making them come up to stop it will open up other things."

As long as Todd Gurley and company are able to do that, Bobo says he'll be a happy man.

"Obviously anytime you get stopped and have to punt, you've got to regroup and think about what you're going to do the next time and figure out what they're doing to stop you," he added. "You've just got to be patient. We've been preaching patience this whole week, a lot like we did the South Carolina week. You've got to be patient and be happy with three and four yard runs. You've got to be good on third down, and if you've got to punt, you've got to punt. We don't want to punt, but we can't give them a short field, either."

The ninth-ranked Bulldogs (2-1, 1-0) are coming off a 191-yard effort against North Texas, although until J.J. Green ripped off a 39-yarder late in the game, rushing yards were hard to come by.

Until that happened, however, the longest rush from scrimmage was a 14-yarder by quarterback Aaron Murray.

"We ended up with close to 200 yards rushing against a defense that was dead-set on stopping the run," Bobo said. "I thought we blocked decent at the point of attack, but our perimeter blocking wasn't great. We didn't too well on the perimeter and we left the back to (several) free hitters instead of one. We did a nice job getting there, they just did a nice job tackling to keep him from getting to the secondary. But they committed eight sometimes eight and a half guys and that opened up the pass."

Murray took advantage of that by completing 22-of-30 passes for 408 yards and three touchdowns as Georgia was able to roll up 641 yards of total offense, the fourth-most in school history.

Obviously, Georgia can't expect that sort of success against LSU, despite the fact the Tigers lost multiple defensive players to last year's NFL Draft.

"They're like all his defenses in the past. They run to the ball, they're extremely fast and they hit extremely hard. They're not afraid to get in your face at the receiver position, they will bump and run and challenge your receivers," Bobo said. "They look like LSU to me. Their corners are long. They look 6-foot-1, 6-0, they play aggressive and if they had the other guys' numbers on I'd probably think they're the same team."

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