September 26, 2012

Martey's season ends abruptly

Clifton (Va.) Centreville junior running back Christian Martey tore his ACL in the second quarter of the season opener.

"It was a run play to the inside," Martey said. "I was jammed, so I bounced to the outside. The corner was coming toward me, so I was going to juke him, but we just got new turf on the field. It's not fully matted down. Two days later we start playing on it, so I was making a cut and cleats sunk into the turf and they got stuff and they got stuck there. When I made a cut my whole body went forward [and] my legs stayed there."

His surgery is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 8.

"My Doctor told me it [rehab] usually lasts up to five to six months, but he said since I've kept my body in good shape and working out he said he wouldn't be surprised if it's like three to four months," Martey said. "I'm hoping to do that, and I'm most likely going to run track in the spring time, so I can get faster and then I'm going to hit the camp circuit hard, so I can start pulling in some offers, because I've been sending my film around. I made a new one from the scrimmages."

"Coach [Jonathan] Himebauch said it was really good. Coach [Billy] Mitchell's looking at it right now, so I'm hoping, I think I'll get an offer from them soon; before the end of my junior year."

The 6-feet and 220-pound Commonwealth product visited Wake Forest Saturday, Sept. 22, and saw the Demon Deacons defeat Army 49-37.

"I really enjoyed how they were able to find a guy to relate to me, because they know I tore my ACL," Martey said. "They introduced me to Joshua Wilhite. He told me how he tore his junior [of high school] year too, and then right after he tore his ACL Wake Forest offered him. He really like Wake Forest, because even though he injured himself they still liked him, they still wanted him, and all the other schools slowly drifted off and not talk to him."

Wake Forest has a history of success when it comes to taking players who sustained significant knee injuries while in high school and helping them to develop into good performers at the collegiate level.

Chris Givens, Josh Harris, Tylor Harris, and Kevin Marion are a few the Demon Deacons have been rewarded for sticking with. While many schools may pass on a recruit who suffers a serious knee injury Wake often sticks with him, offering that redshirt year for him rehab and get stronger.

"I think it fits me perfectly, because they have a lot of big backs and I'm a big back," Martey said. "They don't do a bunch of juking and stuff. I could see myself in that type of offense. I actually talked to Coach Himebauch the night after I left, and he was telling me to keep him up to date with how rehab goes and to try to keep in touch."

The highlights of Martey's trip to Winston-Salem were spending time with Wilhite and Himebauch. Martey said he told Himebauch, who is recruiting him for the Deacs, that he would like to return for the Clemson game (Thursday, Oct. 25) or the Boston College (Saturday, Nov. 3).

"The ones that have been showing the most interest right now are Auburn and NC State," Martey said. "I'm getting a lot of interest from West Virginia too. I'm probably going to be taking an unofficial to their school before I get my surgery, and then I'm going to go to Auburn for an unofficial after my surgery. I just recently got into more contact with Penn State."

"I really liked Wake Forest a lot when I went down. I like the way they use their running backs, and I was impressed with how loyal their fans are. Everyone goes there, tailgates, and they're all cheering. I really liked that a lot. I still like West Virginia a lot too. Pretty much those will probably be the teams that will definitely be in the running toward the end, but pretty much everyone is still on even ground."

Martey added he is still in contact with Virginia, but has not heard from Virginia Tech since the season began.

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