August 17, 2012

Chizik dissatisfied with progress at QB

AUBURN -- Gene Chizik didn't seem ill-tempered Friday, but he clearly wasn't thrilled with what he saw on the practice field.

OK, maybe that's being too nice.

The Auburn coach grumbled about a sluggish practice and the need for his seniors to infuse more energy into the team heading into its Saturday scrimmage. He saved his most disparaging remarks for the Tigers' quarterbacks, whom he clearly feels are underachieving.

"There is nobody stepping forward right now -- still," Chizik said. "That's very disappointing to see. We are going to continue to, obviously, assess it and evaluate it. To me, there hasn't been any separation. I don't see a lot of impressive quarterback play. That's disappointing -- and we are going to continue to work at it."

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