August 13, 2012

Film Study: Paris Bostick

On Monday, Plant (Tampa, Fla.) safety Paris Bostick gave the Georgia Bulldogs big news by becoming the third safety and 25th overall member of UGA's 2013 signing class.

Coming into last month's Dawg Night, we saw Bostick as a solid prospect that could definitely help a program, but his performance at the event was nothing short of spectacular.

Now, let's take a closer look of Bostick's overall game and what UGA can expect from the three-star safety once he reaches campus.

Where he is great: Bostick is one of the most conscious and savvy players on the field every time he is out there. He does a great job of playing with his head on a swivel and understands what is going on in front of him. At Dawg Night, he was playing with players he had never played with before, but seemed to understand where those guys could and could not be and played his position well.

Bostick is also a very physical and fearless player. He likes to come up and be physical against ball carriers, but he does the same when matched up one-on-one with a tight end or wide receiver. He uses his hands very well, and has an excellent ability to break on the ball in front of him.

His overall athleticism is a huge strength as has excellent body control when going up to break up or intercept a pass. He leaves his feet quickly, and his first few steps out of a back pedal or after a hip turn are his most explosive.

Where he is good: Bostick has above average to good speed and is a mid 4.5 guy in the 40 yard dash. He takes good angles and understands how to fit against the run from his safety position.

Bostick is also a solid tackler in space. He does a good job of maintaining appropriate leverage and reacts with the proper angles to appropriately play the safety position in space.

In one-on-one coverage, he has a very good ability to cover tight ends and running backs. He does a good job of using his hands to feel out the routes, and knows how to reroute receivers in route.

Where he needs work: On film, Bostick shows some lower body stiffness, but that stiffness wasn't evident at Dawg Night. It could be something he has improved upon or he could be doing a good job of masking a weakness.

Bostick also has a tendency to fly up against the run and be out of control at the point of attack. This causes him to over run tackles or to make arm tackles when he could be more fundamentally sound.

When playing near the line of scrimmage, his aggressiveness causes him to get caught up in the traffic at times and lose his ability to fit appropriately against the run, so will need to be more patient at the next level.

Overall: Just like Kell safety Quincy Mauger, Bostick is a very solid pick up for a number of reasons. First of all, he will, at worst, be the type of guy you can really depend on as a special teamer. More than that, however, Bostick has the tools to play safety in the SEC. He has plenty of speed to play close to the line of scrimmage or even play a solid center field. Once he adjusts to the speed of the game in the SEC, he has the ability to become an intimidating safety that can also create turnovers with big hits or interceptions. He is yet another smart, athletic player that understands how to play his position and could surprise people by getting on the field sooner rather than later.

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