July 28, 2012

Davis ready to decide?

Thomson right end Jordan Davis will be the first to say that making decisions in the recruiting process isn't easy.

The Peach State standout has had a busy week with visits to his final two schools, Georgia and Florida, and as is the case every October on the field, the Bulldogs and Gators are battling it out.

While Davis has seen both schools before, these two trips were a little different because it was the first time his mother, Laverne Davis, has had a chance to visit either campus.

According to the star tight end, his mother was quite impressed with both Georgia and Florida.

"It was the first time my mom has been to either school and she was really impressed with Florida," said Davis. "She liked it there, but I think she was more impressed with Georgia. She likes Georgia better I think and it is closer to home, but we had a good time at both places."

While his mother will play a key factor in his recruitment, Davis also spent his time on both campuses trying to get to know each school better, and one thing stood out in particular.

"The thing I was most impressed with was the facilities at Georgia. They have the best facilities and I really like it there," he said. "Their dorms are the nicest dorms I have seen, so that is really good too."

While visiting the bordering rivals, Davis had a chance to spend time with prospective teammates at both schools as well.

"I met two of the tight ends at Florida, Jordan Reed and Clay Burton, and they were cool guys," he said. "Then at Georgia I got to meet all of their tight ends. I met Arthur Lynch, Jay Rome, and Ty Smith, and they were cool too. At both schools the guys were just telling me that they would love to have me there and that I would have a blast if I went there."

The Thompson playmaker told UGASports after he was offered by the Bulldogs that he would visit his top schools and then make a decision.

Now that he has visited his finalists, when can Georgia and Florida fans expect a decision?

"I'm not sure really, but probably in a week," said Davis. "I have some more people I want to talk to and discuss it with so I can make the right decision, then I'm going to make that call."

According to Davis, making the call to the program he won't choose is going to be the hardest part of it all.

"I have built a great relationship with coaches at both schools really. I'm close with both staffs," said Davis. "Calling the coaches and telling them I won't be going there is something I'm not looking forward to because I do like both schools a lot. It is going to be tough."

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