July 14, 2012

Bostick down to two

Unlike some recruits in every cycle Plant (Tampa, Fla.) safety Paris Bostick hasn't been very quiet about his recruitment.

Make no mistake about it. The Sunshine State standout isn't flashy or flamboyant about it, but he does tell it like it is and doesn't shy away from telling reporters where schools stand.

If you try to get him to pat himself on he back, however, his whole attitude changes.

The three star safety made the trip to the University of Georgia on Friday for the annual Dawg Night camp, and most who were in attendance will agree that number 36 in the red jersey was one of, if not the, best player on the field.

As you have probably figured out, number 36 in red was Bostick, but he isn't ready to give himself any credit.

"It was a good time and I had fun out there," said Bostick. "It wasn't that great or that much really. I just went out there and played football."

Coming into his visit to UGA, Bostick had the Bulldogs in his top four with Texas A&M, West Virginia, and Arkansas.

Bostick stays that the top four remained the same after his visit until this morning when he narrowed it down to a top two.

"I have it narrowed down to a top two of Georgia and Arkansas," said Bostick. "I like Georgia a lot. They have good coaching, and everyone is real with you there. They have a great staff and great community. I don't know much about Arkansas yet, but I'm going to take a trip up there in the next couple of weeks and check it out. I'm excited to get up there."

When it comes to talking about his visit to Athens, Bostick, as usual, is an open book about his second trip to the Classic City.

"It was really good out there and definitely worthwhile," said Bostick. "They showed me a good time out there. I loved the stadium and everything and it was a good opportunity to just go out there and ball."

In his previous trip to Athens, the Plant star had a chance to meet the Georgia coaches for the first time, but this trip to Athens gave him an opportunity to build on the relationships he had already started.

"I talked with almost all of the coaches," he said. "I talked to a lot of them. I'm not great with names but I talked a lot with Coach (Mark) Richt. He is a great guy. I also talked with Coach (Bryan) McClendon a lot too. I talked to all of them, but I'm just bad with names."

Much was said in his conversations with the Georgia coaching staff, and a lot of it revolved around issues that weren't related to football.

The Bulldog coaches also took time to let Bostick know exactly why he holds and offer from UGA.

"They said that they want me bad and can't wait for me to be a Bulldog," said Bostick. "They said that they love my footwork and how I am a ball hunter and how I like to be physical."

Bostick also had a chance to bond with a current Georgia player that is very familiar with the Tampa area.

"I spent a lot of time with Ramik Wilson," he said. " I remember him because he is from the Tampa area. He is a really good guy. I spent a lot of time just hanging with him."

When asked to rate his second visit to the Georgia, it comes as no surprise that Bostick's answer was as open and honest as they come.

"I would rank it a nine or a nine and a half," said Bostick. "The only reason I didn't give it a 10 was because we couldn't hit at Dawg Night."

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