July 13, 2012

Grantham holds court

Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham spent 30 minutes talking with reporters Friday afternoon, and one of the more popular subjects had to do with a pair of youngsters that have yet to take a collegiate snap - Josh Harvey Clemons and Jordan Jenkins.

At 6-foot-4, Harvey-Clemons is listed at just 208 pounds in Georgia's 2012 media guide, although unofficial reports have the former Lowndes standout up to approximately 215.

Jenkins, meanwhile, posted on Facebook Thursday that he's up to almost 260.

Grantham said he's looking forward to seeing what both youngsters can actually do.

"With Josh you've got a very athletic guy who can play well in space. He can do multiple things for you. He's got the flexibility to play on the edge as an outside backer, even inside if he had to," Grantham said. "He's a guy who's got the frame to get a lot bigger, so he's got length, so when you've got a guy who's got length, has a burst off the ball and can run really well, is a good athlete with the ability to grow, I think he can be a multiple player for you."

That apparently includes some potential time on the offensive side of the ball.

According to offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, Harvey-Clemons will receive some reps later during camp to "show what he can do."

Grantham said Harvey-Clemons smallish stature in this early stage in his career won't be a factor in whether he gets playing time this fall or not.

"I think he'll just continue to grow and mature. It's so different than Tree (Alec Ogletree) a few years ago. Tree was a guy who was probably a little under 225 when he got here and he continued to grow. He's obviously gotten bigger and he's closer to 240 now. I don't think you want guys to gain weight just to gain weight; it's got to be good weight. It's got to be something your body can handle, particularly if you're playing an athletic position," Grantham said. "With Josh it's just a matter of letting him continue to work hard with our strength staff, which he is doing right now and we'll continue to evaluate things as we get closer to August 1. But right now he's playing outside backer."

Grantham has high expectations for Jenkins as well.

"Jordan Jenkins is another linear type guy who is explosive off the ball. He's got burst and probably has got a first step as good as anybody coming into camp anywhere in the country," Grantham said. "He's got the tools to be a very dominant pass rusher moving forward. "

Grantham smiled when asked about Jenkins' weight gain to 260 pounds.

"Guys that are big and fast make me a good coach," he said.

In other news regarding the Bulldogs' defense:

• Grantham said that linebacker Brandon Burrows, who left the team before returning four days later, will remain at inside linebacker.

•Georgia sports information director Claude Felton confirmed what UGASports reported two weeks ago that Quintavious Harrow has "left the team."

• In regards to Missouri's offense, Grantham said. "I think they're very explosive offensively and have some good skill people. Their quarterback had a dynamic year last year, it's going to be their first game in the conference in their stadium so I'm sure it will be an electric type atmosphere. I'm sure it will be exciting for them as well as us. I know a little bit about their staff, they're very good coaches and they'll be well prepared. It's something that's going to be a challenge for us and we've got to make sure we're taking the steps to be sure that we'll be ready."

• Grantham said that defensive end Cornelius Washington could conceivably go back and forth between defensive end and outside linebacker. Ray Drew, meanwhile, will stay at end.

"Cornelius is a guy who I obviously feel can go back and forth to outside backer from defensive end. He's a guy who from what I've seen has really taken on the leadership role of our team and I think he can continue," Grantham said. "He'll play multiple things for us."

That apparently won't be the case with Drew.

"Ray Drew is a guy who again feels very comfortable with his hand in the dirt," Grantham said. "I think we'll continue to do that with him and find ways to utilize that skill set with his hand in the dirt and make sure he's in position to help us along the defensive line."

• Freshman Jonathan Taylor will play both end and nose.

"I'll say defensive line because he can play end or nose," Grantham said. "He has the length you look for in defensive ends and he's got the athletic ability to play out there. He's got the size, the strength and the ability to hold the point for a nose or an inside guy so I would say he's a defensive line guy who can play multiple positions, which is a good thing for us."

• Redshirt freshman defensive end Sterling Bailey has just now started to run, Grantham said, but is expected to be ready to compete by the middle of camp.

• Cornerback Malcolm Mitchell will get enough reps on offense during fall camp so he "can go in and be productive if he needs, too," Grantham said.