September 16, 2011

Brown gives the latest

After losing starters Alec Ogletree and Christian Robinson in the first two games of the season, Georgia's depth at inside linebacker has surfaced as one of the Bulldogs' biggest question marks.

The answer to that question could lie in Georgia Military College linebacker Shannon Brown.

Georgia has been given a second chance to recruit the 6-foot-2, 225-pound JUCO standout after he dec-ommitted from Alabama earlier in the year, and Bulldog defensive Todd Grantham has made sure not to let the opportunity pass him by.

"The last coach I talked to was coach Grantham. I talk to him more than I do any other coach. He's a good coach, he's my friend. I would love to be coached by him one day," Brown said. "He talks about what I would mean to the defense, how I can contribute and help out the Georgia Bulldogs. I see that (the linebacker position) is real thin, but with the mindset I have going in, I'm trying to start anywhere I'm going in. I don't care the depth chart, how thin it is, how thick it is, I'm going in there being one of the best."

Brown said nothing happened at Alabama to make him change his mind, but his relationship with coach Grantham helped him see an alternative he hadn't considered before.

"I just opened my eyes a little bit more and just looked into my options a little more, you know, nothing major. It's just at first, I was so set on Bama, I was like, there ain't no sense in me talking to anybody else because that's where I wanted to go," Brown said. "But then I opened up, started talking to coach Grantham. The first conversation with coach Grantham, five minutes, then 30 minutes, and it just started like that."

Recording 14 tackles in his first game this season, Brown said he thinks he is playing well and is really excited at the prospect of ending up at either of his top two programs.

"I wouldn't say there is one ahead of another. There is no one or two right now. Both of them are great programs, both of them have great coaches, great tradition," Brown said. "Georgia, I was born and raised in Georgia. Would love to go and win my home state a national championship BCS. That would be a dream come true. And with Alabama, they had my heart at first. That was the first. I went over there the first time, loved it, and some things have happened since, but I'm still interested in them and they are still interested in me."

While Alabama may have had his heart first, what matters is who will have his heart last.

Brown said he won't be visiting either school this season, but said he might make trips in December. Either way, he said he will go on his visits without expectations or agenda, but instead just go on feeling.

"I don't' have a timeline. Whenever I find out, I'm not going to be one of those guys that wait until February 2nd. I don't need all that," Brown said. "I'm just, when I know, I'll let whoever know. It's just going to be a feeling, and a tough decision I'm going to have to make where I'm going to spend three years of my life."

If Brown is certain about anything at this point, he said that in those three years he spends at a school, wherever it may be, there is only one option.

"Nothing less than a BCS championship by the time I leave."

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