September 5, 2011

Jones bears the burden

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Whether it was his responsibility or not, senior center Ben Jones took the blame for Georgia's offensive line issues Saturday night against Boise State, not only in regards to run blocking but pass protection as well.

"I take part as the O-line leader and I just have been a better communicator to get it fixed on the sideline," Jones said after practice Monday. "We could have got it fixed and you never know what might have happened. We left a lot of yards on the field."

Right guard Chris Burnette conceded the majority of the issues were due to a simple lack of communication after Boise State's defensive line started showing a front to which the offensive line was unable to respond.

"It was a certain front that they would come out in and it would really take a call on the play side to let the backside know exactly what to do," Burnette said. "We had a couple problems with that pretty much every time we ran the play. But we got that fixed now, so I guess that's a positive that came out of it but I feel like we would have been a lot better if we could have executed that play."

Playing better fundamentally wouldn't hurt, either, especially against a South Caroline defensive front which had its way with the Bulldogs last year in Columbia.

"We've got to come out and get on the right guys. We had a couple of plays where we weren't on the right guys and you ever know what might have happened," Jones said. "We need to come out, get on the right guys and play with a lower pad level, compete and try to finish strong."

Jones said he met with quarterback Aaron Murray for two hours Sunday, and against with the offensive line for an hour before heading off the film room for three additional hours of study.

"We got all the corrections corrected," Jones said. "It won't happen again."

Thomas ready for whatever role he can play

Running back Carlton Thomas wouldn't go into details as to why he was suspended for last week's opener against Boise State, but said he's learned his lesson.

"You learn to stay humble, do what you need to do, be where you need to be and be accountable for everything that you do," he said. "Right now, I just want to contribute to the team."

Whether he will or not remains to be seen.

Thomas is listed behind Ken Malcome and Brandon Harton on the depth chart at running back.

It's got to be the hair

Linebacker Jarvis Jones said he heard his helmet came off something like 23 times against Boise State.

So, what was the problem?

I don't know. I don't know if it was my hair, or the (Nike) helmet," said Jones, who sports a nifty set of dreadlocks. "They (trainers) did everything they could to try and keep it on by no one could."

Running back Isaiah Crowell, who also wears his hair in dreads, had the same issue.

Jones said he does not have trouble with Georgia's regular game helmet coming off his head.

"It never had really happened before," he said. "Maybe in practice if I snapped a chinstrap or something, but other than that it's never been a problem."

Cramps an issue for key players

Linebacker Christian Robinson said he was among three Bulldogs who had to receive intravenous IVs to receive fluid at halftime of Saturday's game.

"I drank a lot of Powerade, took in a lot of fluids. I thought I was completely hydrated," he said. "It was just because of how intense the game was, going full speed I guess we used it all up."

Robinson said cornerback Brandon Boykin and safety Shawn Williams[/b] also received IVs at halftime.

This and that

Georgia practiced for one hour of actual practice Monday, although the team spent the entire Labor Day at the Butts-Mehre watching film in preparation for Saturday's SEC opener against South Carolina. Heavy rained later forced the team inside the team's multi-purpose facility. "It went well," Georgia coach [db]Mark Richt said in a statement. "We didn't plan on doing a lot of full speed stuff anyway. We're just in shorts and hats, and this indoor area was really good for us. We did get the special teams out on the field, which we needed, and then there was enough lightning in the area where we felt like we needed to get them inside."

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