August 13, 2011

McClendon not worried

Running backs coach Bryan McClendon didn't seem too concerned about the injury status of running backs Richard Samuel and Isaiah Crowell following practice Saturday morning.

Crowell was held out of Friday's workouts due to a sore groin, while Samuel strained his left quad later during the session.

But according to Samuel, if Georgia were to have played a game Saturday, both running backs would have been on the field.

"If we had to play a game tomorrow I'd be confident that both those guys would be able to step out and do a durn good job," McClendon said. "But you don't want them practicing banged up, because you know they're going to have to play banged up."

Crowell, it turns out, actually returned for the second part of practice Saturday and took part in conditioning drills.

The Bulldogs have Sunday off, but when the team resumes workouts on Monday, McClendon hopes both players will be given clearance to go.

"It was only during one part of practice when we had groups of guys doing different things and like I said we held Isaiah out early and then we brought him back and joined the group and obviously we kept Richard out," McClendon said. "Obviously, it dwindled down quick, but that's normal in camp. Those guys take a beating every practice, every padded practice. It doesn't matter if its helmets, shoulder pads, shells or full pads. Those guys are getting hit on, so you want to minimize it when you can."

McClendon said Crowell was not showing any ill-effects from his injury yesterday.

"Oh definitely, he was moving around fine," he said. "It's definitely nothing."

The Bulldogs running back corps did receive some good news today when Brandon Harton returned after sitting out the past three days with a mild concussion.

Not so for Ken Malcome, who sat out a third straight day after getting banged up, and McClendon remains unsure as to when he might return.

When asked the redshirt freshman's exact injury, he referred reporters to team trainer Ron Courson.

"Obviously, you want guys who can go out there and play. You want guys to go out there because that's how you get better, and that's something that he misses and wants to get out there and do," McClendon said. "Right now, he just can't. So you really can't hold a guy back when he falls under stuff that he's not able to do, something that's beyond his control. But our job is to keep him up and not let him get frustrated by this situation."

But sometimes that's easier said than done.

"You've just got to keep his mind on getting better as a player," McClendon said. "It's all about keeping him progressing in all areas of his game. Obviously, you can never learn too much about any position so we're just going to keep him focused on getting better as a running back."

Anthony Dasher is the managing editor for UGASports
and he can be reached via email at [email protected]