August 9, 2011

Amaro reintroducing TE position

Fans were skeptical when Texas Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown talked about adding tight ends to an offense that had not seen a tight end for years.

First, there was no one on the roster equipped to play a true tight end. Secondly, what kind of added value did a tight end give the offense anyway?

The Red Raiders finished last season not using much of a tight end package but with a special talent like four-star prospect Jace Amaro on campus the position is one that almost has to be implemented.

"This offense is so fast paced," freshman tight end Jace Amaro said. "We'll be subbing in and out, in and out, in and out, and then all of a sudden when we have four receivers out there they'll drop me down to tight end and the defense might get tired and not really know where I'm at after the snap.

"I could be wide open a couple of plays, they might be focused on two running backs out there and all of a sudden I'm going right down the middle. That'll be a big factor in this offense."

The Red Raiders have two true tight end bodies on the roster now between Amaro and Rutgers transfer Tony Trahan but Amaro is expected to be a truly special player. He was the first Rivals100 high school player to sign a Letter of Intent with the Red Raiders.

More importantly, Amaro is versatile enough to play an inside receiver position in the four-wide sets.

But the big story is Amaro and Trahan will reinvent the tight end position at Tech.

"We're trying to break it in right now," Amaro said. "They have us play both up and down but I think Tony is more of a down guy and for me they want me to play up and down so the defense won't really know what we're going to run. I think once we break it in it will be something people will like to see."

Amaro has natural talent and a pro-ready frame but there are some things that he can continue to work on while a Red Raider. He already knows he's not going to run over guys like he did as a stand out at San Antonio (Texas) Macarthur High School.

He does have intelligence as demonstrated by a 1220 on the SAT's old 1600 scale. He's learning the playbook faster than the average freshman.

"It's a big challenge but I think repetition, repetition, repetition," Amaro said. "That's the biggest key. I pretty much have all the plays down, it's just the tempo is pretty fast and that's a little different for me.

"On the field, it's just a new experience. It's way different than high school. I feel like high school was way more easy compared to what we're doing here. Everyone's faster and bigger. But I think once I get a few weeks under my belt, since these are my first practices since high school and these guys practiced this spring, I feel like once all I get my fundamentals down I can make a big impact in this offense."

Needless to say, Amaro wants to see the field early and often.

"I think I had a great offseason and these first few practices," he said. "I feel like I'm as talented as the guys around me. I think the guys that are in front of me have that experience and that's the biggest thing. If I get it down in the next few weeks I feel like I can get into a rotation with Alex Torres and have the starting tight end job."

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