August 3, 2011

Army Football Media Day: Players' Quotes: Part III

Junior Quarterback, Trent Steelman

Shoulder Injury

It's doing really well and the best it's felt since I've been here. The body as a whole is feeling really good. The training staff did an awesome job and doctors developing a program .... just working my way, but not pushing me too much but enough to be 100%, which is where I am now. Like I said, this is the best I feel health wise and I'm just excited ahead for our season.

Off during the spring

It help me health wise tremendously. It was a good experience for me because being to be out there with the guys and coach them from the sidelines and really getting to know, it was an awesome experience. But at the same time, I was able to get enough time in the training room and the rehab situation so I could get back to where I needed to be.

Offensive Firepower

I think potentially this is going to be the best offensive I've seen since I've been here and maybe in a long time, as far as the skilled players we have and the offensive line and how they developed throughout spring ball.

This is probably the best offensive line in terms of explosiveness and size since I've been here. Like I said, we are just really excited about the capability we have as an offense.

What team are you looking forward to in 2011

"Ahhhh, Northwestern. My best friend (Jarrett Carpenter) that I played high school with he starts safety for Northwestern. It's going to be a fun experience and we have a lot of people coming up. To be able to play against one of my best friends from high school it's going to be a fun experience."

"He's talked a lot about it {laughing}. We were actually home together this summer ... we talked a little trash, got little words out there, but at the end of the day he's still a good buddy of mine."

Summer Leadership Experience

"I was a cadre member out of Buckner and I was squad leader in control of about ten guys. It something that I haven't been able to experience because of injuries ... It was awesome. I grew a lot towards the military and what he have called for us after we graduate. It was an awesome experience for me in building my leadership capabilities as well."

On going from Frosh to Junior

GBK: You are only going to be a junior, but when fans look at it, it feels like you have been here several years.

"It feels like it, it feels like {chuckling}."

"I can see absolutely feel the difference. In terms of my confidence and being able to mature from year to year. To grown towards the academy and what it represents. It's been a long trip, but a fun one at that and I've able to do and experience a lot of things that I wouldn't be able to get out of a regular college. I am very grateful and for the opportunities
that have been presented in front of me. It's only going to get better ... we still have two more seasons to roll with. This season we have a lot of expectation to fill, but I think we are very capable of doing so."

Freshman Slotback, Terrence Baggett

Beast Experience

"Beast was a lot of fun and I was actually in the same platoon as Larry Dixon. He was my sponsor too, coming from the prep school and I came direct, so I met him on the first day. I had a really good squad, a lot good teammates and became very close to them. I had a good chain of command with the Cadre leaders."

Youth vs. Experience

"I think our running backs are going to be great and put up a lot of points. Our core, we are starting to bond as running backs and I really like all the guys. From what I can tell, they are all ready to play."

Junior Offensive Guard, Frank Allen

Beast Experience

"It wasn't too bad, just a lot of long distance running and long days ... it wasn't too bad, because that is kind of what we are use to. But you do lose a lot of lifting time and nutrition time, so I lost about 5-10 pounds."

"I am going to try and get back to about 275 pounds, but we'll see if that happens because I don't want to put on a lot fat."

Offensive projection

"We have some people like Brad Kelly, Joe Bailey and Michael McDermott. Those guys had experience in games last year. We have Derek Bisgard and Matt Villanti they been in games before, not exactly playing on the offensive line, but they've been the games on the special teams."

"Even though it's going to be their first year playing I think will should be pretty good."

"We had pretty good momentum coming in from spring. I felt like everyone worked pretty well and the coaches said we jelled a lot better compared to last year because we have been doing it a lot longer now."

Experience Offensive Weapons

"Even if we don't as well as we could do, I feel they can pick it up from us because if we don't give them the best holes they will still make plays because of their experience."

Freshman Fullback, Larry Dixon

Beast Experience

"{Laughing} You go through some rough days and rough times, but you see one of your friends and they smile at you and you realize you aren't going through this alone. Take it one day at a time and I had some really good cadre. Every time I came up here, everyone was super supportive and the coaches were always motivating us."

2011 Expectations

"Just to contribute in any way the team needs me. I'm ready to step up and continue learn behind Jared Hassin and the rest of fullbacks ... continue to work as hard as I can. Bring a hard working mentality to the team."

Future of the Program

"We just want to the program to grown. Collectively as prep school class, we didn't know what we would be able to do for the class. But we just want to get better as an Army football team and that's all that matters to me. That's my concentration and Army football is getting better."

Style of Play

"I just try to have a relentless style and never give up. I try not to gas out in the 4ht, I go with the same intensity in the 4th as I do in the 1st quarter."

On having Butterflies

"A lot of them. Come in here, I can't lie and I'm dreamt about this for years. I wanted to play Division I football and to be here is an absolute ridiculous dream for me ... this whole day is so surreal for me. I've been smiling the whole time and just having a good time. I'm so excited to step on the field later today."

"I can't even describe (putting on the jersey for the first time) to you. We have our first game away, the first time I step on the home field and hearing the cannon go off, I will smiling all the time."

Senior Kicker, Alex Carlton

Building off of 2010

"Last year I think as a team we definitely took a step in the right direction. Winning a bowl ... something that hadn't been done since 1996 was a big thing for this program. I feel that we are starting to turn the tides a little bit and making Army a perennial winner. That is the goal of this program to get back to what we have been historically. I think last year was definitely a big step in that direction.

Personally, last year I feel that we started off pretty rough ... first couple of games I don't think we were in the flow, the whole unit together. We finished eleven in a row and that's pretty big going into this year. Just to know that you finished strong and had a good spring too - going into this year, my confidence is higher than in the previous years."

Keep it right here on as we following the Black Knights through their summer training camp.

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