July 11, 2011

Tech freshmen compete in 7-on-7 for first time as Bulldogs

Louisiana Tech fans have anticipated the arrival of Nick Isham for quite some time. Monday evening was the first time Isham was able to compete with his new teammates inside Joe Aillet Stadium.

For the most part, summer 7-on-7 is a time for players to form chemistry between one another and for receivers and quarterbacks work on their timing.

Colby Cameron and Isham were the only quarterbacks to get reps during 7-on-7 drills. For the second straight week, Taylor Burch spent his time doing one on one drills with receivers.

Cameron looked about the same as he did the other night. His intermediate and deep throws were not on target very often. His short throws continue to be his strength.

Isham looked decent for his first evening in a new offense. The speed of the college game seemed to surprise him from time to time when he threw a ball underneath coverage and the defensive back had the speed to make the interception. At times it is hard to tell which player is which out there but one interception was made by Blasher Saintvil. Isham has a lot of zip on the ball and had good touch on the ball. His timing was not very good but that will come with time. He threw slightly behind his receivers on most of his intermediate and deep throws. One thing Isham seems to do that none of the other quarterbacks do is anticipate where the defensive back will be and puts the ball where he isn't.

One receiver that impressed was Broderick Waters "Brock". He made an acrobatic catch while Isham was throwing.

Malcolm Pichon is incredibly massive. Strength and conditioning coach, Damon Harrington has some work cut out for him to get weight off of Pichon. Pichon reported at 377 pounds. It cannot be expected that Pichon will contribute much this season.

Tyler Porter is bigger than expected and needs to lose some weight but shows a lot of promise.

One surprise was seeing [dv]Le'Vander Liggins[/db] playing receiver. You could still see him playing defense before it is all said and done.

The second string offensive line struggled much like it did in the spring. However, as long as a core of the veterans remains even with injuries they should be fine.

The biggest highlight of the night was the improved play of the defensive backfield.

With it being an unorganized 7-on-7 scrimmage it is difficult to take a whole lot away. Once they strap pads on in the fall it will be much more evident where the Bulldogs stand.

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