July 17, 2011

Rodney Purvis talks CP3 title

The CP3 All-Stars lost during pool play of their host event, The CP3 All-Stars Invitational, on Saturday evening. Then, five-star guard Rodney Purvis joined his team for tournament play on Sunday, fresh off of the LeBron James Skills Academy, and the squad did not lose the rest of the way.

Purvis was on point from the beginning while playing with his teammates for the first time in about a month. The team certainly looked ready to head south for the Nike Peach Jam after hoisting the trophy for their age group.

Purvis said he did not want to talk about recruiting in his exclusive interview with The Wolfpacker despite rumors swirling about his college decision. He did, however, talk about why he wanted to play in a tournament that others ranked as highly as the Nation's No. 9 overall player might dismiss and playing with NC State commitment Torian Graham, also a highly-touted guard in the class of 2012 who suits up for CP3.

A full transcript of the interview follows:

Rodney, can you talk about how you thought you played today?

I think I did pretty good, I missed a couple of shots. Even though I didn't get down on myself, I just continued to encourage my team and we got the victory.

You didn't start playing until today?

I came up here at like 7:30 this morning.

You were at the LeBron James Skills Academy before coming here, talk about your experience there.

It was good, I went there last year, too. To leave an imprint on it since this is my last year, it was a pretty good thing. I felt good about it, [I got to] hang out with the other top players and stuff like that, but coming back here was great. I heard my team wasn't doing so good so I can't let anybody beat us in our own tournament. I had to come back and help in the best way I could.

What was it like to get back on the floor in this tournament?

It was great. For chemistry reasons, we haven't been together this month, this was our first time getting together this month. Going into Peach Jam, chemistry is very important so that's why I felt it was best for me to come down.

One of your current teammates on CP3 is NC State commitment Torian Graham. What's it like playing with him?

It's great, he's so athletic and he's just a highlight ready to happen. He's just a great player, that's my boy.

Talk about how easy it is for the team to score points with his outside shot on the floor.

Oh yeah, definitely because teams know I like to get to the basket so I try my best to get to the basket. If I can't get there, he's sitting right there wide open. I know exactly where to pass it and everything, it's just a good thing.

What tournaments do you have coming up in the future, I believe Peach Jam is this coming week.

Yeah then Florida Super Showcase and Nationals.

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