May 17, 2011

Mailbag: Quarterback question and defensive scheming

This is the first edition of the mailbag brings you two questions from two subscribers. Each week, we will answer questions you send to us here: info[at]

This week, the questions come from both sides of the football, offense and defense.

Isham at quarterback?

Q: How soon will it take to know if Nick Isham is redshirted? If the number one quarterback needs to be replaced, could the coaches put Isham in that spot? How is Malcolm Pichon looking on his qualifications?
- Zach Allgood

It is doubtful that the leash will be very long on any quarterbacks this season when they enter games. Also, there is really know way of knowing if Isahm will be redshirted until the season starts.

Isham could come in in the summer and win the starting position and could start from week 1 against Southern Mississippi. If this happens, I expect Isham to get a little bit longer of a leash as this will be his first collegiate start. The same goes for Taylor Burch. The leash will probably not be very long for Colby Cameron, Zack Griffith and Tarik Hakmi. It should also be mentioned that Hakmi has shoulder surgery after the spring.

We have made efforts to reach out to Pichon and do a story very similar to the one we had last week about Tevin King, but have been unsuccessful reaching him so it is unknown how he stands.

Defensive changes?

Q: What changes are [Tech fans] going to see on defense? i.e. schemes, personel, bring back GATA, coaching changes, etc. Offensively, [is Tech] ever going to see some power running formations?
- Adolfo Anez

The only changes we anticipate is a possible smaller role of the additional safety playing "in the box". A more traditional 4-3 scheme will probably be used by Tech this season. There does not appear to be any staff changes on the horizon as it would have happened by now if it were going to happen.

Tech offensive coordinator Tony Franklin is a believer in the spread. Every where he has been there has not been much use of a "power running" game. However, based on Ben Tate's numbers from 2008 when Franklin was at Auburn one would think Franklin did have a "power running" game there. Tate averaged 114 yards a game in the games where Franklin was the offensive coordinator and 27 yards a game once Franklin was fired.

Franklin may not have the traditional "Power-I Formation" in his formations, but can generate plenty power from his spread formations, especially the new modified pistol formation he debuted last season for Tech.

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