May 9, 2011

TideSports Q&A: Eddie Williams recruiting analyst Greg Ostendorf caught up with Panama City Beach, Fla. athlete Eddie Williams on Friday at his high school.

The 4-star answered questions asked by TideSports members. Williams was ranked No. 20 in the top 100, released today.

Q: Why was it so important for you to be the first person to sign in Alabama's recruiting class and why'd you commit so early?
A: There was a lot of reasons I committed early. One reason is to get all of the pressure off. I'm just a junior and having all that pressure wouldn't be so good in school. I could've fallen behind on my school work, leaving class and all that.

Being the first to commit was like a goal to me. It gives other young 2012 players something to look forward to if they come to Alabama. By me being the first to commit, hopefully I can gather up a group for the class of 2012 to have a great season when I get up there.

Q: Are any schools still recruiting you?
A: Georgia's sending me a lot of mail, but that's about the only one still trying I guess.

Q: Have any coaches stopped by to see you recently?
A: Coaches stop by, but not to see me. I saw a few yesterday and the day before that, but they're not here to talk to me. I'm not talking to anybody.

Q: So would you say your commitment to Alabama is still solid?
A: Yes sir, my heart is sold.

Q: Have you talked to any other recruits about coming to Alabama with you?
A: Each time I go up there, I see a couple of guys that look pretty decent, so I try to talk to them. I just try to see what they're thinking.

Q: Do you remember any names?
A: Travis Blanks. I talk to him a lot. We're kind of cool like that, and I'm trying to get him to come.

Q: What positions will you be playing this season?
A: Free safety, quarterback, wide receiver, and I might do a little in the backfield

Q: What's your favorite position?
A: I'd have to say free safety. I love the contact, and I like to talk a little noise about it.

Q: So which thrills you more, delivering the big hit on a ball carrier or going up and making a big catch for a touchdown?
A: That big hit would have to be it. People remember things like that, so I'd have to say big hits.

Q: What's that feeling like when you make a big hit? 
A: I try to see it before it happens. It feels good. The fans love it, so you know I love it.

Q: With your height and frame, do you think you could grow into a linebacker?
A: That's what the talk is about right now. In the next two or three years, if I put on a couple of pounds, people really think I could go down and play linebacker or defensive end depending on my weight.

Head coach James Hale: I think in college, he'll be playing free safety. The only thing now is Eddie reminds me exactly of Jevon Kearse, the same size, built the same way, and he blew up at Florida when they put his hand on the ground. Eddie's uncle and his family are pretty big people. I don't know. He might grow into a linebacker. If he doesn't get too big, I think he will be a really outstanding free safety for Alabama.

Q: Is there a player you model your game after or compare yourself to in college or the pros?
A: Not really. I'm the type of person I don't really watch football. I just go out, play and work hard at it. I don't really get into it that much outside of what I'm doing.

Q: How much did Nick Saban's reputation for getting defensive backs in the NFL influence your decision?
A: It influenced me a lot. Most of the defensive backs that Coach Saban has coached go to the league every year, so that was a real plus in my book.

Q: How are your grades?
A: My grades are good right now. I'm working 10 times harder right now, trying to get out early.

Q: What do you do when you're not on the football field?
A: When I'm not playing football, I'm either running track or playing basketball.

Q: How'd track go this year?
A: Track went real well. We made state. We could've went for the 4X100, but our fourth leg pulled his hamstring, so we just went for the 4X400. At state, another leg pulled his hamstring, so it was just bad luck all around.

Q: I heard your team is thinking about coming to Tuscaloosa to help with the tornado relief. Talk about that.
A: What we're looking to do right now is take the team up there, clean up a little bit, try to raise some money and give it to them.

Q: What's your favorite restaurant?
A: Buffalo Wild Wings

Q: What's your favorite movie?
A: Taken

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