April 20, 2011

Who will backup Glenn?

By Anthony Dasher
Managing Editor

When Georgia kicks off fall practice this August, finding a backup for starting left tackle Cordy Glenn[]/db] will be one of the first challenges head coach [db]Mark Richt needs to address.

As it stands today, there's not a clear-cut answer.

"That's a good question and I'm not sure I know the answer," Richt said during a teleconfence with SEC football writers Wednesday. "I think that Justin Anderson could play tackle, Austin Long is a tackle, A.J. Harmon is a tackle for us and Kenarious Gates can play tackle."

Either one, Richt added, could cross train at left tackle to hopefully provide some depth at the position, something the Bulldogs currently lack after losing Trinton Sturdivant to his third torn ACL.

"I think a lot of it depends who is going to be the starting right tackle and my guess, whoever becomes the right tackle will cross-train between the right and the left," Richt said. "Somebody will learn what's going on at both sides."

Richt not looking to limit social networks for players

Richt said he's not looking to limit his players' participation on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, but warned any irresponsible acts could result in guilty individuals having their posting rights revoked.

"I know it's such a big part of the social life of these kids, but I'm not looking to shut it down. They sacrifice enough, the amount of time they put into school and football, things we ask them to do, so if there is any way possible to allow guys who are responsible, it's great," Richt said. "But if they're irresponsible, it's a warning the first time around but after that if we see something that's not good or healthy, we'll shut it down. But I don't have anything across the board right now."

Some schools and coaches have already put limits on what their players can do. Bulldog basketball coach Mark Fox does not allow his players to use Twitter, nor does Boise State football coach Chris Petersen.

No comment on lockerroom thefts

Richt was asked about the recent lockerroom thefts where Carver football players Deion Bonner and Marquise Hawkins, along with a juvenile were charged with stealing $1,990 worth of property from seven Bulldog football players.

However, Richt wasn't talking.

"There won't be any comment on this," Richt said. "First of all, it has to do with a prospect and that kind of stuff, so the bottom line, we're not going to make any comment, sorry."

Bonner told UGASports Wednesday he does not yet know if Georgia will continue to recruit him or not.

"I haven't heard," Bonner said.

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