April 18, 2011

Gray wants to see more Orange

Aloyis Gray from Indianapolis (IN) Pike is a quarterback prospect who is already on the verge of double digit offers, but he is out visiting some schools that may not know much about him. This weekend he took a visit to Syracuse in hopes to gain more interest from the Orange.

"Yes we did make a visit to Syracuse this weekend we took the trip late Friday night. We stayed for the whole spring game and it was a pretty good visit."

Have the Orange talked about offering the 6-foot-3, 165 pound prospect?

"Not really right now it has still been just mail and we are just starting the contact process now. I am just starting to get on their board and that is one thing I am working on is getting myself out there and promoting myself. It will probably be a little while longer before we start talking about an offer."

With no real expectation of an offer on the visit Gray could relax and enjoy his visit and that is exactly what he did.

"The visit was pretty cool. I went in with kind of open expectations and they were met above and beyond I think. It was a very good day overall I would say."

Talking with one of the coaches on the staff stuck out as one of the best parts of the visit.

"Well, mostly talking with my recruiting coach and position coach, lucky for me Coach Hackett is both of those people. I met and talked with him for a little bit and that was probably the coolest thing of the day," Gray added. "Saturday was really my first time talking with Coach Hackett. We had a pretty good conversation me, him, and my parents before he had to do some coaching stuff."

Even though he enjoyed talking with his recruiting coach there was one part of his trip that was his favorite.

"My favorite part of the visit had to be the spring game I love football. I live, eat, and breathe football it is what my day revolves around. During the game the quarterback rolled out and threw the ball away and as that was happening I was reading the roster trying to see who somebody was. Luckily I looked up just in time to see the ball coming at me and I caught it and had a chance to toss the ball back. It was pretty cool to catch a ball that was being thrown away."

One other item that the Orange have going in their favor is academics and they are something the Gray family really likes.

"One thing my parents and I have talked about is life after football and being prepared for that. We need someplace where I can go and get a masters degree and I think if you get your masters from Syracuse there is a very good chance for a great job in your future."

Syracuse has some solid depth at quarterback and despite being athletic enough to play other positions he wants to stay at quarterback.

"That is really my goal really to just play quarterback in college. That is the position I want them the position I would like them to reevaluate me there. Most schools see me as a quarterback."

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