March 2, 2011

Lacey talks Tide hoops, Grant

BIRMINGHAM | With the University of Alabama coaching staff looking on, Trevor Lacey scored 19 points to help lead Butler High School to a 64-42 win Wednesday over Midfield and advance to the Class 4A state championship game on Friday night.
In addition to his 19 points, Lacey also had six rebounds, five assists and two steals. UA head coach Anthony Grant joined one of his assistants toward the end of the game to watch Lacey play.
"It means a lot," Lacey said. "It means that I'm a priority to them.
"They really want me, and that's a good sign if the coaches show up to my games."
On his way to Birmingham for Wednesday's semifinal game, Lacey got the chance to listen to the Alabama-Florida game on the radio Tuesday night. Despite Alabama's poor showing in the second half, Lacey still thinks highly of the Tide and the job Grant is doing.
"It doesn't affect anything," Lacey said. "I know what Coach Grant is capable of and what he's trying to do, so you can't really frown on him right now because he's in the process of turning the program around. With the recruiting class he has right now, he's always going up. He's never going down.
"At Florida, it was senior night, so you know they were going to come out hyped and everything. They just kept mashing the gas, and Alabama never sustained a run."
Lacey has already taken visits to Alabama, Auburn and, most recently, to Kentucky. He still plans to visit the other two schools on his list, Baylor and Connecticut, once his season is over.
Even with visits left to take, Lacey has said he already has a pretty good idea of where he wants to go to college, but plans to wait until the beginning of the signing period in April to announce his decision.
At this point, all five schools are right in the mix, regardless if he has visited that school or not.
"No one knows where I've made my decision to, so even if I haven't visited the school, it could be the school that I want to go to," Lacey said. "The only thing I'm coming up for is just to see campus life, the arena and all that type of stuff. I know what they have to offer as far as on the court."
Before Lacey can play for any of the five schools he's looking at, he has to make sure his grades and ACT scores are in order. As of now, his grades are where they need to be, but he may need to take the ACT again.
"I just have to get that ACT score where it needs to be," Lacey said.
"It's not bad, but as far as the clearinghouse looking funny at it, I don't want any of that. With the score I have, I can get through, but they just want to make it where it's clear."
If there was a chance Lacey did not qualify to play in college next year, he would consider the option of playing overseas, but he doesn't think he will need to worry about that.
"If that's the case, I love basketball, so why not. I think I'll be able to play college basketball, though."

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