February 8, 2011

WR Davonte Allen chooses MU over WVU

HerdNation: First off Davonte talk about what made you finally decide on Marshall University on Wednesday.

Davonte Allen: "Really it wasn't that much of a long thought process. Pretty much from day one I thought I would be at Marshall because I felt at home when I visited there and I could be myself. When I went to West Virginia I was just not as comfortable as I was at Marshall."

HerdNation: Talk about your guys' (Allen and Way) press conference. I know you had the press conference and everything but it was kind of funny because you and Robert sent in your LOI before the press conference so everybody knew where you were going before it.

Davonte Allen: "Yeah, not really. I was walking around with a Miami hat on and everybody thought I was going to Miami. When we signed the letter, we signed early in the morning and then we had the press conference--me and Robert did. We pulled out the hats and everybody was going crazy. We didn't sign together though."

HerdNation: Talk about being able to go up to Marshall with Robert and how cool that is to have a teammate of yours up at Marshall with you?

Davonte Allen: "Yeah that will be crazy because this year when we were playing together we got really close-we were hanging out. When we took our visit together we were talking about how we should come up here (Marshall) and be roommates and chill. It just felt like home up there. That's how we based our decision."

HerdNation: Davonte I know your lead recruiter for Marshall is your cousin, Coach Seider. Talk about your relationship with Coach Seider a little bit, Davonte.

Davonte Allen: "We've been close for a long time. Ever since I started playing football he was talking to me-like how to get better, things to do, and that type of stuff. I just trust his word. When we were talking about Marshall it wasn't really 'You have to come to Marshall,' he was just saying make a decision (on my own) and to not let anybody make a decision for me. It's pretty much my decision to go there but he played a big role in it too."

HerdNation: Talk about West Virginia and how they put on the full court press in the process, Davonte. I know they tried to come in the picture there pretty late.

Davonte Allen: "Oh yeah. They were in the picture the whole time. I saw myself playing there for a little bit but man when I really sat down and talked with my parents, family, and that type of stuff it was really about who was going to look out for me the most and I chose Marshall."

HerdNation: Davonte have you gotten a chance to reach out to any of the other current Marshall 2011 signees?

Davonte Allen: "Me and Keith Baxter-we talk a little bit. We text, talk on Facebook, and that type of stuff. Other than that not really anybody else."

HerdNation: Talk about your thoughts on the new head coach at Glades Central, Roosevelt Blackmon. Talk about him a little bit.

Davonte Allen: "I've known him from around the community since I was little. He'll be a good fit for Glades Central and we're getting kind of close right now too."

HerdNation: What's the biggest thing you're trying to improve on in your game Davonte in getting ready for Marshall?

Davonte Allen: "College is faster so I'll probably work more on my speed, attacking the ball more, route running, and reading defenses. So pretty much everything to get better as a receiver."

HerdNation: Davonte if you could travel any one place in the world before you die what place would that be and why?

Davonte Allen: "Probably Jamaica because that's where my dad is from and I've never been there before. So I'd probably go there."

HerdNation: Any final words you've got for all the Marshall fans out there Davonte?

Davonte Allen: "Probably we're just going to win the conference and bring home a bowl victory."

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