December 27, 2010

Sylve a playmaker at any spot

Port Sulphur (LA) South Plaquemines star Bradley Sylve contributed in just about every way possible to his team's tremendous 2010 season that led all the way to the state title game. Despite a disappointing loss in the championship, Syvle wowed crowds along the way with his spectacular and versatile play.

"We came into this season with very high expectations. Coming away without the state title is disappointing for a lot of us but at the same time, it was my first year as head coach here and I was really pleased with how we all came together this season," said South Plaquemines head coach Damien Mills. "The kids had to overcome a lot and make a lot of adjustments with the way I do things but they all dealt with it and overcame it to have a successful year."

"Bradley's leadership shined through all the adversity the entire season. He returned kickoffs and punts, he played defensive back, and then on offense we moved him from wide receiver to quarterback, where he had never played, and he did it no questions asked and no complaints. He knew it was the best thing he could do to help the team."

"It was amazing to see how quickly he took to playing quarterback. We taught him the offense and he thrived immediately. In just the last five games alone he rushed for around 1,200 yards and threw for 500. His athletic ability was just so difficult to defend but on top of that he also studied film a lot which allowed him to really take advantage of certain weaknesses and really take over a game."

The 5-foot-11, 175-pound Sylve is projected to play wide receiver at the next level but his ability to play different roles makes him an even more valuable team member, according to Mills.

"Guys like him succeed at any position because he's just a great football player. That's not just ability, it's everything else from his willingness to work to his leadership among his teammates. He worked really well with those guys. He treated them like brothers in that he would be willing to call someone out when they needed it but he wouldn't let anybody else outside the team say a word about them. He cared about his teammates and they all knew it."

Sylve's four-star talent was particularly on display during a November matchup in which he was responsible for six touchdowns in the first half, all coming in a variety of different ways.

"His game against False River was one of the most amazing performances I've seen from any player. He scored on a punt return, a kickoff return, he threw for a touchdown, rushed for a touchdown and returned an interception for a touchdown. That pretty much sums up his ability to change the entire dynamic of a game. I've watched teams come in with two spies and I've seen teams not even rush anybody. They tried pretty much everything with us this year and he always found a way to make plays. He's a guy that is so dangerous every time he touches the ball, which is exactly why we made the decision to put him at quarterback where he could touch the ball as much as possible."

As for his skills a receiver, Mills believes Sylve's game preparation could be among his strongest assets at the next level.

"I think his preparation and his ability to understand his opponents are what are going to make him a great receiver at the next level. His speed is certainly good enough to let him stretch the field and he's a great route runner. As a returner, he's one of the best I've ever seen and imagine he'll get a shot at that job at Alabama as well."

"It's going to be a real treat to watch him play at the next level at Alabama. He's a fighter and a worker and he doesn't give up. He's going to do what it takes to succeed. He wants to beat you, mentally and physically, and he knows it won't happen on one play but over the course of the whole game. I think he'll fit into what Alabama does very well."

Sylve is rated the nation's No. 16 wide receiver prospect and is a member of the Rivals250.

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