November 7, 2010

Postgame Quotes: CMU vs. WMU

Shortly after Central Michigan's thrilling 26-22 win over rival Western Michigan, ChippewaCountry was able to catch up with CMU head coach Dan Enos, CMU players Matt Berning, Armond Staten and Cody Wilson, and WMU head coach Bill Cubit. Look below for quotes from Friday's game.


Opening Statement

"It was a great game. Give and take on both sides. The momentum changed a lot. I couldn't be more proud of everyone involved in our program for handling the adversity and everything we've been through this year. It was a great win. We kept playing, kept believing and it was a great win, we needed that. We've been practicing hard and pushing each other, and it was a great win for our entire football team. I was happy for our fans, our alumni, former players and the entire Mt. Pleasant community. Something that hopefully everyone can smile about for 24 hours."

On celebrating with coaches and team after the game

"It means a lot. I'm sure it will mean more to me after the season is over and I have time to think about it. Our assistants know how bad everyone wanted to win and how bad our players wanted it. It's a good one for everyone and I'm real happy for those coaches and players."

His mindset on that final drive when the Broncos drove it all the way to the CMU 6 yard line before fumbling

"Do you want the truth? I was thinking here we go again, here we go we're doing this again. I kept saying on the headsets, 'hey we got to make a play, someone has to make a play.' It just so happens we've done that this season, dropping the ball on the one-yard line, missed field goals and did those things. Our defense did a great job of forcing the fumble and jumping on the loose ball. That's what football is all about, playing the next play. Momentum can change at any time in the game. We try to constantly tell our players that. Defensively if they march the ball down there, it doesn't matter, make a play in the redzone and force them to kick a field goal or create a turnover, and then those yards never happened."

On the defense switching to the 3-4 scheme and the play of linebacker Armond Staten in particular

"Yeah, I'm sure you guys all noticed that we had to go to a 3-4 defense because of our lack of depth at defensive tackle because Sean Murnane was questionable and didn't practice all week. I have to give him credit for even trying, but we're very short on defensive lineman right now and our defensive coaches thought that playing a 3-4 defense would put our best eleven players on the field. On offense you always try to do that, you try andyou're your best eleven guys on the field in personnel groupings. On defense you try and do the same thing, so we tried to put Mike Petrucci out there with Matt, Armond and Nick. Armond Staten is a guy we believe has had a great year. When we look back, he may have had the best year of our all our linebackers this year, and he didn't even start the first couple of games because of some issues he had in the summer. I'll give him credit, he never once complained or pouted, and he worked hard and when he got his opportunity he made it so we can't take him out of the game now. He's an outstanding young man."

On seniors finishing career 4-0 against Western Michigan

"We had a team meeting like I've never been in before. I never could have imagined having underclassmen talk about helping the seniors win this game. Every single one got up and talked about it. Our seniors have been through a lot and I'm very, very happy for them."

On play of Cody Wilson

"You can't say enough about him. I always say I wish we had 105 players just like him, I wouldn't hardly have to come out and coach then. We constantly try to find ways to get him the ball. I'm constantly on the sidelines telling wide receiver coach Terry Samuels to put Cody in there. He just makes plays. He gets open and catches the ball. He even played quarterback today and made the right zone read. Which I don't think he even read it, I just think he kept it. (Laughing Wilson in the background: "I read it").

On CMU winning a close game after losing similar games throughout the season

"Well, hopefully it's a sign that maybe we're getting better and we're maturing. Hopefully we can gain some confidence from this, and really it's all about making plays. There are certain times in close game where we weren't making plays and the other team's guys were, and today we made some plays. That last drive, we ran the ball three times and got a first down. If we have to punt there, we're right back. We have to make that play, and we did. The line did a good job and Carl Volny[/db did a good job of getting the first down. That's what football is all about. As coaches we have to put them in good positions to make plays, but ultimately we have to get players out there who make those plays, and that's the difference in my opinion."

SOPHOMORE WR [db]Cody Wilson

On being on the winning side after the six-game losing streak

"It feels awesome. When they were driving in, I prayed to god and said 'give us a turnover' and on the next play they fumbled. It felt awesome going in the locker room and seeing everyone smile, especially the seniors."

On pressure of the rivalry game coming in this week

"I don't know if there was that much pressure on the game, we just didn't want to let the seniors down. They had never lost against Western and this is their last home game so we wanted to send them out right."

On having a career-high 12 catches and 185 yards

"I was just trying to make plays. It's awesome being against Western. With the rivalry, that made it a little bit better."

SENIOR LB Matt Berning

On how special the night was

"I told Nick, that this is probably one of the best nights of my life. Senior night, running out early with the captains and the show put on with the fireworks. It was cold, it was snowing under the lights. That's some stuff out of a book."

On play of Armond Staten

"I couldn't be any prouder of somebody who truly understands what it means to be a Chippewa. He plays with unbelievable effort and gives everything he can every play."

On fellow seniors

"As a senior I feel as if we need to carry the team. I feel they definitely stepped up and did that today."

On importance of rivalry with Western Michigan

"This game is just so important to everyone involved. You can be 9-0 or 0-9, but if you win this game, you have something to look back at."

JUNIOR LB Armond Staten

On playing with seniors Nick Bellore and Matt Berning

"It's a great experience. Ever since I stepped on campus, they took me under their wing and taught me the trade. This win means more to me because I know how much it means to them."

On forcing his third fumble towards the end of the game

"I didn't even know I had forced a fumble. I knew my assignment and went as hard as I could. When you play hard the ball rolls your way."


Thoughts on the Broncos ball security issues

"Everyone, just take care of the ball with our running backs, that is inexcusable. That should not happen, we had our chances. Defensively, we had a couple big plays, again we had a fourth down and they go up there and throw it, lob the ball up there and they get it, we don't. I don't know what to say, I really don't. I mean, I thought we played hard, did a lot of good things, again we just didn't finish. That's all I can say. I don't know what to say."

On Central Michigan's aggressive defensive formations that resulted in Broncos quarterback Alex Carder taking some big hits, especially on their final two drives

"Yeah, well but he shouldn't have gotten hit in the first place. Well, it just happened and on the fourth down, we just needed to make plays, Juan Nunez, Jordan White, and Alex Carder going in for the winning touchdown and it was tough."

On the Broncos defense that couldn't get stops when they needed them

"No, didn't get it done. Just a couple of times we couldn't play defense and have to dilate back to make plays down there, and they came up with that goal line to put us over the top. We had another fumble by one of our running backs and I thought was that a big key there, and all of a sudden we just let them drive down and it was fourth down. We had them right where we wanted them. They made a play and we didn't."

On the Chippewas targeting true freshman Raheam Buxton and veteran safety Doug Wiggins

"Yep, yep, lot of balls down the middle there and you know we have to figure out what we need to do there."

On quarterback Alex Carder and wide receiver Juan Nunez's performances

"They were outstanding. There were two kids out there battling and putting everything they had to win a football game. Unfortunately, it's not enough."

On the Broncos final offensive drive and their inability to get the ball in the endzone

"No, you're right down there; you want to run the ball really well and we just fumbled. I mean it's just you get down there and you have a couple other things, you want to fake the run in there and everything was working out for us. And, I don't know what to say. I really don't, I mean that's just, I can't tell you anything."

On Western Michigan's struggles against Central Michigan

"You know, I don't know, that one there. We had that big goal line stand, and only get three points after a fumble. I thought that really turned us around, and the fourth down play, just threw the ball up there, they catch it, and we have a great drive going down there after they score, kids didn't give up, went down there. Carder played great, Nunez, Jordan White; Like I said, I'm at a loss for words. I have no idea what to say."

On the Broncos finding some offensive balance in the game after being a very heavy passing team coming in

"Yeah, that, and we even got a touchdown run. And then we get a holding penalty; One holding penalty all day."

On that specific holding penalty

"There were a lot of snaps and only one holding penalty, you have to say they made the right call. I didn't see it, was on the other side. We bounced back; they went down and scored pretty easy; and we went down there and had a great drive going down there. What are you going to say?"

Continued thoughts on his offensive stars who had big days

"Nunez had a big day; Jordan White had a big day, Alex Carder has a nice day, they threw a lot of different stuff at us, got hit a few times; hung in there, made adjustments out there and I thought the kids went out and did some nice things. But you just can't fumble the football, you know like that. I mean it's just, I don't know."

On his decision to go for two before halftime

"Yeah, it's 10-8, and then at that point try and tie it at ten, and then the next one you just want to kick it; looking back, I don't know, I thought we had a pretty good play there and didn't block them on the backside.

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