October 6, 2010

Green says Saturday catch his best

A.J. Green says he's yet to take a peek at the video showing his amazing one-handed touchdown grab last Saturday at Colorado.

But as he tried to recall all the great catches he's made over his three-year Bulldog career, this recent grab against the Buffaloes stood out above the rest.

"That's got to be one of my best ones - ever," said Green, before pausing. "Yeah, that's the best one. Yeah."

ESPN thought so.

The sports network chose Green's grab as it's "Play of the Day," hailing the Bulldog junior as the top playmaker from last weekend's games.

"I'll look for it on YouTube one day," Green smiled.

Bulldog fans obviously hope for a few more big plays before all is said and done, beginning with the upcoming game against Tennessee (12:21, SEC-Network).

"Man, I'm just ready to get back in that stadium," Green said. "I've got my whole family coming. I'm ready."

He also says he's healthy.

Green missed most of the third quarter last week at Colorado after coming down with cramps, but says there are no problems heading in Saturday.

"Oh man, it just happens. It was just cramps," Green said. "I'll be ready for Saturday, but I hope I don't cramp up again. I'm going to make sure to hydrate more this week."

Still, on Tuesday Green did give head coach Mark Richt cause for concern.

Following Wednesday's practice, Richt said his star wideout was still feeling the effects of Saturday's cramping causing some intial alarm.

"We were hoping that he can make it through," Richt said Wednesday. "Even (Tuesday) he was not full-speed, and I was like, Oh man. It was making me nervous. In fact I said are you sure you didn't pull that thing and he was like, 'No coach it's just super sore.' And today he was fine."

From a personal standpoint, Green's first game back from his four-game suspension was a rousing success.

The Summerville, S.C. native marked his return to the field by catching a team-high six passes for 119 yards and two touchdowns, both in the second quarter.

"Unfortunately I haven't been able to play with him in a year and a half, but it's one of those things where he opens windows for other players because he's such a special, impact player," fellow wideout Kris Durham said. "Teams have to roll coverages his way, which opens up the running game, and opens up other receivers. He's such a playmaker. You just can't say enough."

That didn't happen early on.

Colorado tempted fate in the second quarter by leaving its corners in single coverage against Green. When he came back toward the end of the third, the Buffs began rotating a safety to help with their coverage and held Green to one reception the rest of the way.

Green said he wasn't surprised that Colorado attempted to cover him man-on-man.

"Not really. I guess they thought I might be rusty or something," Green said. "But I was working out the whole time I was suspended. I was ready to play."

With seven games left in the season, could Green be winding up his Bulldog career?

Experts predict the 6-foot-4, 212-pounder to be a top pick in next April's NFL Draft should he elect to leave Georgia early.

It's a question Green has been asked 100 times, but it's still one he dodges as gracefully as an opposing cornerback.

"I don't know," Green said. "I'm not thinking about that right now but when the time comes I will sit down with my family and coaches here and make the best decision."

Green refused to speculate either on the effects a potential NFL lockout would have on his decision.

"Again, I just don't know yet, I haven't even started thinking about it," he said. "There's still a part of me who feels he owes some of the fans for those four games, but again, it's a case where I'll sit down my family and coaches and make the best decision for me."

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