September 9, 2010

Thurs. practice report: O'Brien talks UCF

Coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following practice on Thursday to preview the upcoming contest at Central Florida. O'Brien was asked about his relationship with UCF coach George O'Leary, how Russell Wilson responded to O'Brien's post-game comments and what the pecking order would be under center if back-up quarterback Mike Glennon cannot play in the game.

Can you talk about George O'Leary, it seems as though you guys know each other and have a good relationship.

Well, we've coached against each other for almost forever, it seems like. We kind of paralleled each other in the conference as position coaches, as coordinators and then we played against each other when I was the head coach at Boston College and he was at Georgia Tech, and now here at State. You appreciate what he's done, what he stands for and how he coaches football. It's been an evolution watching his career and maybe he's watched mine, I don't know.

Do you feel like you do things in the same way?

I think the way we approach the game of football, he was with Bobby Ross for all of those years and I was with Coach [George] Welsch for all of those years, they were kind of similar in their approach to football. As you grow up and you're in those type of systems with those types of values, it certainly rubs off on you.

What kind of things can you expect from an O'Leary team every year?

Good defense. He's a defensive line coach and a defensive coordinator, so he's going to obviously be very sound on defense. They led their conference last year in defense, they were fourth in the nation against the rush so he understands that you stop the run first, then you play football from there.

Can you talk about how Russell Wilson responded to you saying that he needed to get better?

Russell is going to respond and work hard every day. He understands, he goes into the film room, he spent time with Coach Dana Bible, understood what we were talking about, and came out this week and worked extremely hard to get better.

Each of their offensive linemen is over 300 pounds, what kind of challenges does that present to your defensive line?

Well, they are strong and physical and they want to maul you. It's going to be a challenge, we're going to learn a lot about our football team this game. This is a good game for us, it's a road trip, a bunch of young kids going down to play football on the road for the first time and it's supposed to be a noisy stadium against a really good football team. This will be a big challenge for us and will probably give us a good update to who and what we are right now.

If Mike Glennon couldn't play, who would be your third quarterback?

We'd have to go with Tyler Brosius [as the third quarterback] and Daniel Imhoff would be the back-up.

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