August 22, 2010

Adonis Thomas Back Home, Primed for Big Fall and Winter

Some basketball stars are so good, they almost make the sport look too easy. And guys like that rarely receive the press they deserve.

See, it's easier for a specialist to burn his or her name into our collective memory. Dikembe Mutombo blocked shots so well for so long that people forget how pathetically inept he was at scoring the basketball.

But mention the name Artis Gilmore, a center who could score, rebound, and block shots, and you elicit blank stares.

To this day, Earvin "Magic" Johnson doesn't get nearly the amount of burn in the "NBA's Greatest of All-Time" discussion as he should, because he "only" averaged 19.5 points per game on his career, with a high of "just" 23.9 in 1986-'87.

Many of the same people who (ridiculously) harp on Johnson's lack of scoring prowess salivate over the all-around game of Kevin Garnett, who averages 19.8 ppg on his career, with a career-high of 24.2 in 2003-'04.

Go figure.

We point this out because Memphis' own Adonis Thomas (Class of 2011) is shaping up to be one of those "does everything well" types who should have a lengthy, productive NBA career some day.

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