August 20, 2010

Baker waiting his turn

Freshmen linebacker Demetre Baker said he's content to spend a year getting bigger and learning the Georgia system.

He's also willing to accept a redshirt year to make that happen.

"I'm at Moe right now, but I can play both (Mike, as well), so it's not different. I like it," Baker said in an interview with UGASports. "It's nothing too hard that I can't adjust to, I hope and if I don't play this year then definitely next year."

One of Georgia's more interesting athletes, Baker is also an elite track athlete after winning the Florida state championship in both the shot put and discus last spring.

Baker laughed that he still gets asked about the feat from time to time, adding that he will compete for the Bulldogs during the Indoor Season this winter and possibly the Outdoor Season come spring.

But for now, it's all football, all the time for Baker who admits he'll need to add some more weight before he can worry about making an impact this year.

"I need to put on about 10-15 pounds," said Baker, who said he weighs 215 after playing at 205 his senior year in high school. "I know I need to get a little bit bigger."

But from fundamental standpoint Baker believes he's on track.

He credit position coach Warren Belin for that.

Baker said Belin's attention to detail has already paid large dividends, considering he's learning different aspects of playing linebacker that he never knew before.

"Yeah, he really helps me because he focuses on the little things, not just the big things," Baker said. "In high school I didn't have to do as much. I just focused on plays and the hitting drills, thinks like that. He's (Belin) is different because he's already shown me things I've never seen."

Teammate Akeem Dent has also taken Baker under his wing.

Dent was one of the first players who befriended the Jacksonville native, showing him the ropes both on and off the field.

"He's always been somebody I can lean on," Baker said. "If I've got questions, he can always answer anything I need to know."

So far, Baker believes he's picking up the scheme as well as he can.

"It can get kind of mind-boggling at times and it can get confusing," Baker said. "But I'm doing the best that I can. I hope to get as many reps in practice as I can, and hopefully will be able to get it done by next year."

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