July 2, 2010

PowerMizzou Summer Sessions: Laurence Bowers

Over the next couple of weeks, PowerMizzou.com will speak with every Tiger basketball player who is currently on campus. Today, our chat with junior forward Laurence Bowers.

PowerMizzou.com: First things first, how you feeling?

Laurence Bowers: "I'm feeling great, man. Getting back from this wrist surgery, rehab, getting back on the court, starting to feel myself again."

PM: So you're playing, you're full go?

LB: "I wouldn't say I'm 100 percent. I'm probably like 90 percent now."

PM: You personally, you took a step last year. Is this the year you've got to kind of become the guy?

LB: "I think I need to establish myself. This year on an individual note, I think I need to be more aggressive, more assertive. Last year, I scored a lot off of dunks and putbacks and rebounds. This year, I want to be a versatile scorer. Rebounding and blocking shots, I think that's a natural instinct of mine. If I can just keep building on that and adding a little bit more towards my offensive game, I think I'll be a lot better than I was last year."

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