April 17, 2010

Neuheisel talks scrimmage

The following are UCLA's head coach Rick Neuheisel's thoughts after Friday's scrimmage. As always Neuheisel took questions and discussed his team's injury situation.

Neuheisel: "I'm pleased with the work. There were some good things. I thought Randall Carroll showed, Jerry Johnson, Ricky Marvray, all made plays. They need to make plays. That was important.
"Nelson Rosario had a little bit of an issue with a rash that they needed to check and make sure it wasn't anything dangerous. He went over to get blood work. That's why he didn't play. Taylor Embree , we played a little bit, but the goal was to get those other guys a lot of reps so that we can kind of develop that position a little bit.

"We hope like heck we can get Joseph Fauria a lot of work next week because he's been nicked up.

"I was just told that Kai Maiava's injury is a knee sprain. Not thought to be too significant. We will see if he can get back for the rest of spring."

Do you think you lit a fire under them yesterday, kind of calling out the offense?

Neuheisel: "Well, I just call it like it is. We did not come out and play like an offense that needed to desperately to improve yesterday. I thought it was better today. There is still lots of work to be done. There is a lot of moving parts in this stuff. If we are going to be in this stuff then we're going to say this is who we are and try and get to that point, we have to be a heck of a lot better than this and if we can't get that done in 15 practices then we have to ask ourselves is it prudent to stay in it and that's where we kind of are."

Any concerns about the snapping issues with the backups?

Neuheisel: "Huge issues. We have to be able to exchange the football. We have to work the extra overtime to get that done if we are going to be in an offense that's going to require that."

What were your impressions of Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut?

Neuheisel: "I saw some good things. I still think we have to be, sometimes when you don't let the quarterback be live, there's a cocoon feeling, like they can stand there all day and they have to feel this pressure. You can't look at it because your eyes have to be occupied down the field, but you have to feel it and get it out of your hand the check downs and I think both of them can much better at that."

Generally you like to look at the film first, but in general what is your feeling from the last scrimmage to this time around? Was there general improvement?

Neuheisel: "I see good things. We practiced Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday so we're a little leg weary today, but I liked that we came out and were physical again. We were banging again and that's what you need to be a competitive team. So that was all going well and I think with two days off we will come back and hopefully be much better a week from now.

You said Randall (Carroll) showed today. What do you mean by that?

Neuheisel: "I just he made some really good plays. I saw one play in particular where he did a nice job blocking, but with the ball in traffic, I think he made catches and obviously that touchdown catch was a huge boon."

Anybody else stand out for you on offense?

Neuheisel: "I thought Derrick Coleman did a nice job on that one drive. Kind of putting the team on his shoulders and getting some hard yards inside, running like we need him to run.

"I always hesitate to just signal out guys because you are leaving somebody out because you are not watching the tape, but those are the guys that come to mind."

How about Jayson Allmond?

Neuheisel: "Jayson Allmond is getting there. He's a work in progress. We have moved him back to a tailback spot. He's still trying to learn everything, but he's certainly a big enough guy."

Is there still a fullback?

Neuheisel: "This offense doesn't require a heck of a lot, but we're not out fullback offense if that's your question. We will still have that when we get to the fall."

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