March 17, 2010

5 Questions: Joe Powell

In years past caught up with Sooner signings to let Sooner fans get to know a bit more about Oklahoma's future stars. Well we've decided to bring back the old tradition and catch up with our "Five Questions" feature where we ask each Sooner commit some questions to help Sooner fans get to know the players they'll soon be cheering for. In no surprise at all we elected to start with one of the most outgoing prospects in recent memory, Dallas Skyline wide receiver Joe Powell. caught up with Powell and here is the transcript:

CF: What's your nickname amongst your buddies, teammates?

JP: My nickname…they call me (I honestly have no idea what he said, so I just kind of left it…) They call me on my team Joe Coolly (spelled by Joe).

CF: If you could have a date with any one girl who would it be?

JP: Probably Mariah Carey or something like that because she likes young dudes.

CF: Finish this sentence: Reading a book is comparable to...

JP: It's like reading your past, your history, like you reading about Joe Powell in high school and how he's living.

CF: What are you most excited about in your first year at OU?

JP: The competition, that's what I'm mostly excited for, the competition. I like that competition. Yeah, I plan on matching up, I've been competing my whole life, why should I stop now?

CF: What are your expectations for your career at OU?

JP: I expect to at least win an award or something, like a receiver award or something and have fun with my teammates and at least win two national championships. At least like two or three national championships, and at least two Big 12 championships. And I want to have a good relationship with my teammates and all my coaches.

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