March 9, 2010

Randle's long journey ends with MVP honors

They said that he committed too many turnovers. They said that he was losing games. They said that he could never play on this level. But on Monday, Cal senior Jerome Randle, the Little Point Guard That Could, proved all of his naysayers wrong. Not only has he led the Bears to their first conference championship in half a century, but he did it while earning the coveted Pac-10 Player of the Year Award.

It's happened to a lot of students: you get a phone call in the middle of the class, you look down and you have to take it, but you can't very well just get up and leave. Best case scenario, you get side-eye from everyone in your row who you have to squeeze by to get out. Worst case, Professor Public Humiliation goes to town on you for not setting that sucker on silent.

"I was in class and Coach Montgomery called me, and I thought that I must have done something wrong," Randle said. "I received a text from someone in the office saying that they needed to talk to me, so I went over to the office and they congratulated me."

Best in-class phone call ever.

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