March 8, 2010

Johnson among top returning players in 2010

With signing day having come to a close and spring practice having yet to begin for many college football programs, it's hard for many writers to come up with content that's both relevant and readable. As a result, what should be something equivalent to baseball's hot stove league is fast becoming the silly season.

For example, people have already started compiling lists of players to watch in college football for the 2010 season. The Big 12 is no exception to this and ESPN's Joe Schad has already issued a list of its top 100 players to watch. Normally, such lists should be no brainers. You just take the returnees from the previous season, stack up their stats against one another and see where another year of maturity with a supporting cast that either is better or worse takes them.

Yet when you check out EPSN's list, it's hard not to notice that A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson, the returning second-team All-Big 12 quarterback from last season, is not listed as one of the top 10 players to watch for 2010. In fact, he's not only rated No. 44, but ranked as the fifth most intriguing quarterback to watch in the Big 12 in 2010.

Let's say that this list doesn't actually have anything to do with who is the best, merely the most watchable or even the most interesting. That's fine.

Because if it did, there's only one thing to say in that regard…


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